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Esteghlal residential building designed by Nariman Karimzadeh

Iranian architect Nariman Karimzadeh has designed ''Esteghlal '' a five-storey residential buidling that is located in Esfahan ,Iran

Project description by the architects:

The land has access to the street from the south, and residential plaques from the east, west and north. Most of the land in this area is built or is being built with similar dimensions and with the use of residential and apartment villas.

Esteghlal residential building designed by Nariman Karimzadehimage © Farshid Nasrabadi

Planning is planning for how to live in this house. What we think of today in the future is how behavior shapes the human interactions that reside in these units. Planning is such that different sections can have a greater share of environmental qualities while communicating correctly. It is located on the top two floors of the view and the south light directly surrounds the two floors at a height of 6 meters.

residential apartment building in Esfahan image © Farshid Nasrabadi

In the northern part, the private space, kitchen, and rooms have been allocated due to the supply of duct light in the northern part, which has caused the building to have enough light from the north and south, which is one of the factors in the formation and Project design is just as important as building vision. Plan design has been done in different classes in different classes. Thus, according to the first and second (the type is 3 bedrooms) 3rd and 4th floors in duplex (four bedrooms are designed).

architectural plans

Given the diversity of the plan, efforts were made to address this diversity in their needs. The windows were moved inwards to create depth in the facade. This retreat has led to a balcony in some places that fits the function of the interior space, and on the one hand, the use of frameless glass has caused the building to have enough vision and light. Be (slope) The slope implemented in the facade creates a wide view so that the roof of the top floor is worked as a slope that has the best view.

glass facade and wooden material image © Farshid Nasrabadi

This building was built personally, so the building was built below the level of -1.80 StreetThis apartment is considered as an opportunity to change the inappropriate construction methods in order to introduce a better model for providing human and construction density in the context of Isfahan with better cooperation with the masses according to the yard and vegetation.

a man walking in the garden image © Farshid Nasrabadi

Green space is one of the important elements of Isfahan's settlements, so locating their placement in the yard is one of the most important challenges of this project. The presence of these gardens and vegetation, which is classy and rotating and defining the path leading to the lobby, has caused the ground floor building not to have a direct view when enteringThe design of the entrance of the building, the use of solid and solid volumes of stone and wood at high altitudes has made it possible to transfer the feeling of soundness to the noseThe interior decoration of this floor is designed according to the type of use of the space in a completely open and functional way and considering the variety of performance in a space designed in this building. , Keep the light and simplicity in the space. Structure: The use of concrete structure has been.

wooden staircase with glass handrail image © Farshid Nasrabadi

modern interior designimage © Farshid Nasrabadi

marble stone used in the floor image © Farshid Nasrabadi

white room with marble flooring image © Farshid Nasrabadi

modern white kitchen image © Farshid Nasrabadi

white marble stone for the floor image © Farshid Nasrabadi

interior design with marble stone image © Farshid Nasrabadi

architectural collage image © Farshid Nasrabadi

Esteghlal residential building designed by Nariman Karimzadehimage © Farshid Nasrabadi

the building illuminated at night image © Farshid Nasrabadi

apartment building illumination at night image © Farshid Nasrabadi

Esteghlal residential building designed by Nariman Karimzadehimage © Farshid Nasrabadi

big pine trees in front of the building image © Farshid Nasrabadi


Project name: Esteghlal 

Head of the design team: Nariman Karimzadeh

Design colleagues: Elahe Beheshtnejad

Location: Esfahan ,Iran

Year: 2018

Area: 360 m²

Infrastructure: 862 m²

Photography: Farshid Nasrabadi

Graphics: Isfahan Design Center

Client: Ahmad Reza Fallahzadeh

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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