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Planned by the exceptional architect Zaha Hadid, and realised by the project developer WEGRAZ, ARGOS is a vision, concept, backdrop and home. Photographed by architectural photographer György Palkó, ARGOS modern apartments situaded in the heart of Graz, Austria.  For everyone seeking something...
The requirements for this project were boldly defined from the beginning: the construction should be fast, cost effective and changeable over time, which prompted the studio to use prefabricated elements and to leave parts of the project undefined, assuming the immediacy, flexibility and resources optimization as core themes.
Project name
1000 m² Prefabricated
Architecture firm
Vale de Cambra, Portugal
Fernando Guerra | FG+SG
The Prague-based architectural studio Boq Architekti has recently completed an apartment interior in a new residential building in Holešovice, Prague, Czech Republic.  Project description by the architects: The owners, a young active couple, were looking for an oasis in the center of Prague. T...