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5 Curtain Design Trends In Dubai Homes

Written by:
Alfie Frenilla
Darren Ahmed Arceo

Curtains are a design aspect that may not receive enough attention when designing a home. However, the right choice of these items serves multiple benefits, such as accentuating a living space, providing privacy, and changing light levels. They can also make a room feel significantly larger and cozier while adding texture to a designated living space. 

Dubai, a place well-known for its exceptional architecture and designs, understands the importance of this indoor feature. The lavish land utilizes this asset in their homes well, and in turn, every house becomes a work of art. 

Here we will review the five curtain design trends in Dubai homes.

Blackout Fabrics For Privacy

Blackout fabrics are used not just to darken a room or completely blacken it out but also to grant residents their much-needed privacy. Heavier fabrics are the best choice to accomplish this feat since heavier blackout fabrics completely block vision from the outside, thus preventing any interference no personal space. Therefore, these fabrics are most suitable for bedrooms.

Floor Touching Curtains To Accentuate Design and Style

Floor touching style curtain exhibits elegance in any room they are found in. They create a mesmerizing effect when covering the ceiling down to the floor. Almost all houses in Dubai have these curtains since they accommodate high ceilings well. 

Sheer Fabrics For Airy And Spacious Rooms

For room spaces that require a lot of light, sheer fabrics are the top curtain trend followed in this considerably warmer city. Curtains made of thin fabrics allow the passage of light creating a room feel that is somewhat illuminated. It can make any room look bigger and fresher. It also allows for significantly better room ventilation. These curtain types are best suited for living rooms, kitchens, etc.

Complementary Curtain Color Schemes

Curtain installation benefits from an appropriate selection of color schemes. The contrast and blending of vibrant curtain colors can significantly impact a room’s interior. Once you step into a Dubai home, you can instantly get a gist of the house's theme from its curtains. 

Following a distinct color trend can make a room more appealing and attractive. Complementary curtain colors that contrast the house’s interior maintain the harmony of the walls and the decors installed. Generally, dark-colored curtains are used for bedrooms and light neutral colors for living rooms.

Diverse Curtain Types

There is a wide variety of curtain types to choose from to reinvent an interior space. Dubai homeowners are not afraid of using different curtain styles to embellish their houses. 

Another advantage of having a vast selection of curtain options is how easy it is to change and match them to a home's theme. 


Nowadays, several curtain making courses are available to educate budding interior designers. These classes are an effective tool to help homeowners recreate their living spaces with curtains. No Dubai house is complete without these decor options. 

Curtains complete the elements of home interior and exterior design creation. Knowing how to style your home with fashionable drapes is a powerful skill. Enrolling in an online design course, whether in Dubai or anywhere else, is a worthwhile investment that will allow you to transform any space. 

By Liliana Alvarez

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Curtains are an essential part of any home. They provide insulation, privacy, and can also be used to help enhance the overall look of a room. Knowing the different types of curtains available is important when it comes to selecting the right ones for your home.

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