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Essential Protection for Tenants: Tips for Safeguarding Your Belongings in a Rental Property

Written by:
Allen Brown

There is nothing more disheartening than arranging your belongings in your new rental apartment only to have them damaged by the next morning. Here are some simple tips that you may take to ensure that your belongings remain safe all the time.

Get Renter’s Insurance

Renter’s insurance is in a way like armor for your property when staying in your rental housing. It is a special type of insurance that is made to protect your items in the rented house, for instance, in case of theft, fire, or any other mishap. For example, someone may go outside only to return home to find their laptop gone or a fire may break out in your house and you can imagine the losses you are faced with, especially if your furniture and electronics were affected. In light of this, one may find it quite costly to replace these items if they do not have renter’s insurance. However, renter’s insurance will allow you to make a claim and be paid back based on the cost of the property or possessions that may have been lost in the accident, which will then assist you in getting yourself to a position in which you can recover in a shorter amount of time. Renter insurance is relatively inexpensive for the most part, compared to many other forms of insurance, and it can be a great investment. You can get cheap renters insurance from companies that take care of the hard work of searching for the best rates of renters insurance in the form of monthly or annual premiums to protect your possessions. Some policies contain extra liability for legal fees, which would come in handy in case someone has been injured in your rental house.

When taking a policy of renter’s insurance, read the details of the policy meticulously and see what is covered and what is not. There are always underlying limits that may require you to seek supplemental coverage for such valuable items as jewelry, for instance. It is wise to invest in renter’s insurance because it helps to protect your property and save you money in case of a disaster.

Take Inventory

As soon as you have arrived at your new home, you should look around it for a moment before you unload your items. It is important to take an inventory of all the items that you possess or keep in your home. This way, if something gets lost or gets ruined in a terrible situation like a fire, for example, you will have some evidence to point to what was once present before it was all lost or damaged.

Secure Your Doors and Windows

Locking your doors and windows should be one of the top priorities in maintaining order in your rental home. All the opportunities for a break-in should be secured with strong locks at the entrances. If the locks have a shabby appearance or look a bit old, you might want to inquire about getting updated security locks from your landlord. You should install new locks and deadbolts on exterior doors to add security measures. Also, install doorbells and window alarms to prevent intruders from coming in. It’s also advisable to always lock all your doors and windows when you are not in the house and ensure that your housemates do the same.

Be Careful with Spare Keys

Do not keep spare keys in an open place near your door. Everyone who has seen one or two movies or read several books familiarizes himself or herself with all known and popular hideaways. Do not leave extra keys for relatives, neighbors, or any person you know; it is better to entrust them to a close friend or buy a strong safe box.

Get to Know Your Neighbors 

It is easier to work with neighbors than against them so sharing good relations with those who live around can greatly help. They can monitor your premises when you are not nearby and inform you when they see something out of the ordinary.

Install Security Cameras

This is an important factor because if your financial situation allows it, installing security cameras should be an effective way to discourage burglars. Fake cameras are very efficient in discouraging would-be wrongdoers from committing their acts.

Keep Valuables Out of Sight

As for the thieves, do not leave such things as laptops, jewelry, or cash on the table where they could be seen from the outside. You should only take them out when needed and keep them in cabinets or wardrobes when out of use.

Don’t Advertise Your Absence

You probably see a number of people post on social media about their plans to travel or go out of town for the weekend, which is a mistake. Your privacy is your privacy and as long as you keep it to yourself, it will all be good and you won't have to worry about your property and belongings while you are away.

Report Maintenance Issues Promptly

If there is a problem with a pipe that has been leaking or the lock of the door to the rented housing, do not hesitate and inform the landlord. Slight fixes should be done as early as possible to avoid developing into severe issues and ensure safety in the home.

Be Mindful of Strangers

Do not allow any strange people into your home, especially if you did not invite them to be there. This is especially important for people who pretend to be repairmen or delivery drivers. Please, just ask for identification.

Be Aware of Rental Policies

Make it a point to read through your lease on the house or apartment as well as anything security-related. Understanding one’s rights can assist in understanding how to protect them, especially when living in a rental place.

Using the tips provided, you can learn how to protect your things and be calm about them in your rental house. They will be safe and secure and you will not have a problem with that anymore. So, take some proper steps and go into action now.

By Liliana Alvarez

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