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Four Architecture Tips to Make the Most of Nature

Written by:
James Benson
VJ Von Art (cover image)

In today's modern world, people want their houses to feel at one with the natural world around them. This is because, after the hustle and bustle of engaging in a busy job, their house needs to feel more and more like a sanctuary. This is where architects can come in and create designs that expertly complement the natural world. If you are an architect and are thinking about creating a house that can blend functionality and modernity with a genuine engagement in the natural world, you are definitely in the right place. Read on now for five tips that will help you to make the most of nature in your designs.

Sunburst Shutters

Everybody wants natural light in their home, but they also want to have a proper level of control regarding the amount of natural light they experience. This is where sunburst shutters can come in and be a real help to any homeowner. This is because they allow them to be able to use the shutters intuitively to control the natural light level at any given time. It might be worth looking around for shutters Phoenix to help people to make this dream a reality.

Designing Green Roofs

As the name suggests, a green roof is one that is covered by either vegetation or grass, giving the impression of a home that is at one with the natural world. There are a whole variety of benefits involved with a green roof. Not only does it make the house look more natural and improve its aesthetic, but it can also be rather good for the environment. One of the world leaders in green roofs is the tiny city-nation of Singapore, who have even started installing green roofs on buses!

A Smart Passive House with Green Roof in Moscow, Russia by Snegiri Architects

Keep a Minimalist Design

If you truly care about the environment in design, it is important to make sure that you are wasting as little energy and space as possible. This is where the concepts of minimalism, popularized in Japanese house design, can be very useful to think about. This means using simple designs, keeping the lines straightforward, and using rustic materials. By engaging with design in such a way, the eventual house is going to feel more naturalistic as a result.

Using Natural Materials

One of the ways to make the house that you design feel as natural as possible is that it's not good enough to engage with nature. Instead, you can try and use as many natural materials as possible. The types of natural materials that you can use include, but are not limited to:

     - Wood

     - Bamboo

     - Clay

     - Mud

     - Stone

If you use these materials, your house is likely to feel as natural as possible. You might also want to think about the types of colors that you can use that evoke nature as best as possible. Think of earthy tones such as grey, brown, green, and blue when restyling your home to create a truly natural feel in your home.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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