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How to Choose the Perfect Luxury Outdoor Pillows for Your Garden Oasis

Written by:
Paulina Janik
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A well-designed garden offers comfortable seating, lush greenery, and just the right accessories for a facelift - including outdoor pillows. Investing in luxury accent pillows can set your garden apart, adding style and value. 

Here’s how to choose the perfect outdoor pillows to truly elevate your garden look.

Material Matters

Choosing cushion materials should be one of the main factors when purchasing outdoor pillows. Look for weather-resistant fabrics like acrylics and polyesters for fade and rain protection. 

Patented materials such as Sunbrella are carried by luxury brands like Serena and Lily and are a perfect option for garden pillows due to their incredible durability.

Color and Design

Your garden has its own personality so let your garden pillows display their character. You can match the pillows with the garden colors or the outdoor furniture colors, and either contrast those colors with bright pillows or turn your garden into a relaxed and luxurious space with natural colors.

Textures are always a plus to give pillows a little depth. Use patterns to create a little contrast in your garden, but take care not to allow them to be overwhelming.

Comfort is Key

Garden pillows are just as much for lounging in as looking at, so be sure to buy pillows that are as comfortable as they are visually appealing. 

Select a pillow cushion with some sort of padding. High-density foam or polyester fill makes for a nice, sturdy, yet comfortable cushion.

Size and Shape

The size and shape of your garden pillows will greatly affect the design of your garden furniture. Large square garden pillows make for a great back cushion option, smaller rectangular sizes provide a more polished finish, and caps and bench cushions can pull a look together.

Easy Maintenance

Garden pillows are most likely going to get stuff spilled on them and other wear patterns. A good luxury pillow will have a zippered cover or insert that comes out for washing. Look for stain-resistant treated fabrics to help keep your pillows nice and clean.

Seasonal Changes

Choose pillows that go with changing seasonal trends. Spring and summer are the warmest and most welcoming times to add color to your garden with spring-like and summer-inspired colors. 

Fall and winter give way to warmth with colors equal to that effect.

Don’t Forget to Add your Personal Touch

Your garden is an extension of you. Put your personal stamp on your space, including patterns, monograms, and designs in your space. Brands like Serena & Lily offer beautiful, stylish options to personalize your garden pillows.

By Liliana Alvarez

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