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Safety Measures All Contractors Should Follow

Written by:
Felicia Priedel

Accidents happen at any given moment, and an accident at a construction job can have fatal consequences. Ensuring the protection of all employees on the job site should be everyone’s main priority. If a problem occurs, injuries can occur, and work will have to stop. Before starting a new job, all contractors and construction workers must follow a standard set of safety measures.

Prep the Site

All contractors need to properly prep the site before starting each workday. Never leave any equipment lying around. Any areas that need tidying should be cleaned at the end of the day. Any equipment or work materials you and your team will use need inspections.

If any equipment starts to act faulty during a job, your workers can sustain serious injuries. Properly store all electrical equipment after using it, and never leave anything plugged in if it’s not in use. Ensure there are no loose cords lying around. Lastly, sweep up any debris and dust so everyone has a clear view of their surroundings.

Wear Your PPE

While on the site, all workers need to wear their personal protective equipment (PPE), regardless of their current task. For most construction and contracting jobs, there is a list of standard PPE all workers should wear.

     Hard hats

     Protective eyewear

     Protective earwear


Make sure all the protective gear is up to date. Protecting your head is most important, so check for any signs that show your hard hats need replacement. You should never wear worn-out gear because it cannot do its most important job—protecting you.

Follow Equipment Procedures

Each piece of equipment has a guide for proper use. Never stray from these instructions or misuse the equipment. The classic saying, “Rules are meant to be broken,” does not apply to the construction industry.

Rules and instructions keep everyone safe on the job. Ignoring them can endanger more than just the equipment operator, and a very fatal domino effect can occur on the site.

Keep the Site Open

The job site should never be crowded. Too many people or too much activity in one area makes it prone to accidents. Keep the area open for the safety of the workers and pedestrians passing by. Keep civilians away from the area with protective cones or tape.

Open clear and designated pathways so no one walks through the site or any dangerous areas. Ensure your contractors take their breaks in areas away from the site. Never let anyone take a lunch break in the middle of a work area.

These safety measures contractors should follow don’t just protect the workers; they protect anyone near the site and guarantee a better work environment.

By Liliana Alvarez

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