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The Architecture of the World’s Universities That Inspires

Written by:
Alison Smith
© Matthew Carbone (Bloomberg Center / Morphosis Architects)

Let’s admit that we don’t pay enough attention to the universities’ architecture and make a big mistake. We take it for granted, but we need a fresh look at it to understand what an omission we’ve made. It’s good if you start seeing the beauty around you. Well, let’s imagine that you’re choosing a college or university to study in. Each prospective student has certain criteria in mind; however, the outer appearance of the building is certainly not the main one. But we want to tell you that it’s necessary to change your opinion. Studying in a university with a beautiful and inspiring building is better. First of all, it makes you feel proud of your alma mater. Then, you become ready to get up early and visit it every day. Finally, a beautiful exterior impacts the overall satisfaction with studying.

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We started discussing the architecture of the world’s universities, so it’s time to move to a more detailed review. Enter one of the following institutions, and you’ll enjoy their stunning beauty every day. Take note that the concept of beauty is subjective. That’s why we’ll try to include different styles of architecture in our compilation.

1.   University of Iowa — Visual Arts Building

Do you like contemporary design? Well, no matter what your answer is because when you see the building of the Visual Arts School, you fall in love with modern architecture. You may be surprised, but it was built in 2016. The original building has been existing since 1936 and needed to be replaced. Students of the University of Iowa adore the way Visual Arts School looks now. Here people may learn Design, Video Art, 3D Graphics, Painting, Photography, and other creative disciplines, so the outer look of the building perfectly matches the internal component. We need to thank Steven Holl Architects for this great building, decorating the urban landscape.

2.   The Hong Kong University of Science And Technology

Do you want to enjoy the ocean landscape and breathe fresh air while studying? Enter this institution. We are sure you haven’t seen the university located so close to the oceanfront. The Hong Kong University of Science And Technology lies in the north of Clear Water Bay Peninsula. Numerous research facilities and other campus buildings are also located here, so students obtain education and enjoy the panoramic view of the South Pacific Ocean. All buildings are white and stand in sharp contrast with greenery and ocean. Students obtaining knowledge here are certainly happy to attend college every day and enjoy everything that surrounds them. Moreover, this university is one of the fast-growing institutions in the whole world.

3.   King’s College Chapel, The University of Cambridge

It’s one of the oldest and the most prestigious universities in England and the world. The University of Cambridge can boast numerous amazing buildings, and King’s College Chapel is probably the most famous. Even if you think you dislike the architecture of the past, you have to visit Cambridge and this chapel to understand you’re wrong. We decided to include this building in our compilation because King’s College Chapel is an example of Perpendicular Gothic English architecture and deserves special attention. It was built between 1446-1515. Students hope that it will continue to feast their eyes for many more years.

4.   Sorbonne University

The architecture of this building perfectly reflects the entire essence of France: magnificent, unusual, subtle. Sorbonne University was established in 2016 after the merger of two other institutions with a long history. It has numerous campuses all over Paris, but we are interested in the Sorbonne building — it’s the main historical campus. This building also houses the administrations of several other universities besides Sorbonne. It’s no wonder that many people consider it a Paris landmark. Many tourists who visit this city never ignore the opportunity to get to Sorbonne and enjoy its atmosphere.

5.   Bloomberg Center, Cornell University

It’s impossible to come up with a more creative design for the tech campus than this one. Besides technology, students learn business, law, and design here. It’s great that the university’s heads cared about their students and decided to improve the design.. It was a great decision because many learners agree that looking at this building every day and obtaining knowledge in such an environment boosts creativity and inspiration. Bloomberg Center is the largest net-zero energy consumption building in the world, serving academic purposes.

By Liliana Alvarez

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