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What Can You Do To Make Your House More Spacious

Written by:
Allen Brown
Rudy and Peter Skitterians (cover image), Peter H

One of the most important aspects of a house that many people appreciate is having a home that is spacious. This allows for people to move around freely, but also the freedom to decorate as they wish. There are many benefits to having a spacious home, but there are obstacles that may be creating suboptimal spacing conditions. Here are ways you can make your house feel more spacious.

Cleaning And Organization

One of the best ways that you can help make your house feel more spacious is through simply cleaning and organizing your home. Doing so will make your house appear more spacious and bigger, as there is nothing that is obstructing or taking up room on your floors, desks, counters, or any other surfaces. Lingering clutter anywhere in your home naturally takes up room, being displaced from where things should be when they are neat and tidy. A messy home will feel more claustrophobic and you will feel as if there is less space to maneuver around, do work, or perform any other activities. be sure to put things away where they belong in order to ensure your home looks as spacious as possible.

Decluttering And Minimalism

In addition to cleaning up and putting things away to make your home look and feel more spacious, you should consider getting rid of things that you no longer want or need. Decluttering is a form of cleaning up that will allow you to create even more room in your home. In addition to physically cleaning your house, decluttering also allows you to free up your thinking and how you feel about your home, as the increased space facilitates a more clearing mindset and thinking.

Closets, Shelving, And General Storage

If you are not looking to get rid of things and decluttering, but instead just want to simply organize and clean your home, you will need the essential storage space and units in order to keep things tidy. Look for different storage solutions like closets, chests, drawers, cabinets, and shelves. These will house most of your items, clothes, toys, and personal belongings. These are also important for keeping files and work documents organized and easy to access, which will translate to those that have a home office. By having the essential storage space, you can still keep many of your belongings that you do not wish to part with, but in a neat and organized manner that makes your home feel more spacious.

Separate Storage Units

The fact of the matter is, many people and many homes just have way more stuff than you can actually keep in a manner that feels spacious. No matter how much cleaning you do, or organization options you have in terms of closets or shelves, if you have more stuff than you can store, your house will feel like it is overflowing and you have no room in it. Consider the average home size in a state like Arizona for example, where their property size is smaller compared to places like Texas or Utah. You might not have the room to fit a storage unit you need in your yard, or even if you can, you might not want to. The garage storage specialists in Tucson, AZ understand the need for alternative methods of storage that provide extra space outside your home, as this can provide much-needed relief to how much stuff you hold inside your house. This option comes in handy in other situations like when you are moving or having to clear space for rentals.

Refurnish And Redesign

If you are looking to create more space in your home, and have a larger budget, you should look into solutions that explore refurnishing your home, redesigning it, or even renovating your house to create more space. Furniture takes up a significant amount of space in any home. If you feel that space is something you are lacking, it is a good idea to evaluate and reconsider the type of furniture you have. Beds, sofas, tables, and desks all take up a significant amount of space, and you can either find smaller furniture that meets your needs or look for options that are more functionally flexible and can transform into other furniture or fold away. Your design choices and how you position furniture also plays a role in how your home is spaced out. If you feel that you do not have enough space in certain rooms, consider looking at the layout of the area and see if there are ways you can move things around to create better flow and movement. 

And lastly, if you feel as though you still require a significant amount of space but there is not enough maneuvering and redecorating you can do, consider renovation. This is going to be a more expensive option for many people, and it requires a lot of planning, but renovating your home can lead to a significant increase in the space you have, as well as significantly increase the overall value of your house as well. This is especially useful to consider if you also have the property space to expand, but you can always expand in a vertical manner as well.

old and abandoned attic image © Peter H

Lighting And Mirrors

Although space is usually dependent on the physical layout of a house, there are some tips and tricks you can consider to help you make a home look and feel as though it is bigger than it is without actually altering anything. In order to achieve such psychological changes, consider how light and mirrors can make space feel bigger. Brightening up space is one trick that many interior designers will use as it can make smaller spaces feel larger. You want to use as many lighting options as you can. Ceiling and wall lights allow you to use space away from your floors which may be needed for other furniture or space to move, but if you have the capacity, a floor lamp is great as well. If you are building a house or looking at a home, consider one that has many windows, as this will allow natural light in. Mirrors are great additions as well, as they take up very little space on your walls, lying flat against them. Mirrors increase the amount of light in space by bouncing light around.

No matter if you live in a large house or small apartment, there are plenty of ways that you can maximize your living space. Your home should provide you comfort, happiness, and relaxation, and if the clutter or lack of space is an issue, there are ways to address it. You want to live somewhere that you are proud to entertain, share and live your life as you wish.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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