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CLB Architects releases Installations: Making Place, Inspiring Public, a new book on public art installations

Installations: Making Place, Inspiring Public
CLB Architects
Architecture & Design
10" x 10" x 1"
ORO Editions
$45 USD

Evocative and collaborative, the featured projects explore the intersection of community, art, and architecture.

CLB Architects announces the release of Installations: Making Place, Inspiring Public, a new publication showcasing a series of seven public art installations over a 14-year period. Each installation served as an experiment in creating space that celebrates community engagement at the intersection of art and architecture. The installations, which explore the intimate and reciprocal nature of human relationships to natural surroundings, are an extension of the firm’s guiding ethos. Each of CLBs installations,” notes Eric Logan, Partner at CLB, “is a small part of a larger narrative. Making Place, Inspiring Public is about sharing this story. It communicates who we are and reinforces that our practice values connection to community.”

The seven installations—conceived for varied locations including Times Square in New York City to a park in downtown Jackson, Wyoming—are presented through a rich mix of photography, drawings, and a brief narrative. An introduction by Carrie Geraci, Executive Director of Jackson Hole Public Art, discusses CLB’s impact and puts the work into context. Speaking about the importance of these public art installations, Geraci notes, Its that moment of discovery. When people are entering one of these spaces…theyre in a state of openness. These installations are free and accessible for anyone to experience on their own terms while inviting possibility, connection, and joy. Thats why we do this.”

Logan adds, “These projects exemplify our commitment to inspiring communities through supporting meaningful connections to the natural environment. The installations prove their own social sustainability. They are more than acts of construction—theyre acts of connection.” Fittingly, each new project presented the firm with opportunities to collaborate with and learn from trusted craftspeople.

CLB, known for filtering landscapes through poetic, built forms, began their involvement with art installations as a way to expand the “growing edge” of the firm’s practice. This new volume is a complement to CLB’s recent monograph, Inspired by Place, which was published in 2021 by ORO Editions.

Book Details

Installations: Making Place, Inspiring Public

Specs: 160 pages, hard cover, 10.25 x 10.25 inches

Published in 2023 by CLB Architects

ISBN: 979-8-218-30878-0

Available at Mountain Dandy with proceeds supporting Jackson Hole Public Art, and at Between the Covers in Telluride, Colorado, with proceeds supporting Telluride Arts.

 About CLB Architects

CLB is a cross-disciplinary design firm which explores the edge of contemporary practice. Since its founding in 1992, CLB has taken their frontier origins as a guiding ethos, mobilizing a uniquely holistic and place-inspired approach to projects spanning North America. Driven by an innate responsibility to people and place, and a desire to respond authentically to the conditions in which they practice their craft, CLBs adept team of 50-plus architects and interior designers work to create environments that can elevate, enrich, and inspire. CLBs close-knit, highly collaborative team works between studios in Bozeman, Montana, and Jackson, Wyoming. Projects by CLB are featured regularly in a variety of publications, including Dezeen, Wallpaper, Metropolis, The Architects Newspaper, and Architectural Record. 

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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