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2023 Kyoto Global Design Awards

Kyoto Global Design Awards
7 categories (Real Estate, Environment, Restaurants/hotels/bars, Trends (Fashion), Visual, Industry, Theory)
Open to public
Awards & Prizes:
Entries deadline:
September 30th, 2023
Ace Hotel Kyoto
80~650 euro, depending on eligibility

From Kyoto to the World. Let Design Re-Shape the World.

The Kyoto Global Design Awards celebrates the diversity of design across the world, starting from Japan's cultural center, Kyoto, which has more than a thousand years of history and is one of the oldest cities in the world. With its legacy of Japanese history, Kyoto continually innovates and endeavors, bringing together history and modernity. This precious heritage has allowed Kyoto to become not only an important symbol of culture but also a hub for new economic and design development.

The Kyoto Global Design Awards (KGDA) aims to become one of the most prestigious design awards in the Asia Pacific region. In an effort to promote collaboration between design and society, KGDA provides a unique and open platform for designers around the world to showcase their works, regardless of their background or country of origin, in order to promote collaboration between design and society. Registration for KGDA 2023 has started, and professional design companies, designers, and students can apply until September 30th, 2023.

As a global design award, KGDA recognizes design companies and designers who demonstrate potential, lead industry trends, and develop innovative designs. The highest award, Best100, recognizes the most outstanding works/projects through a rigorous judging process and introduces their excellent leading designs. To apply for the Kyoto Global Design Award 2023, select the applicable category from the eight available (Best100, real estate, environment, restaurants/hotels/bars, trends (fashion), visual, industry, theory) and submit your work/project. Only designers nominated by the KGDA committee and media partners are eligible for Best100. Winning the Kyoto Global Design Award is a great achievement that can lead to international design Hall of Fame recognition.

Kyoto Global Design Award believes that these designers demonstrate that sustainable design can be both functional and beautiful, inspiring the design industry and wider society. By evaluating their efforts, we hope to encourage more designers to adopt sustainable and socially responsible practices and contribute to a better future for everyone.

Timeline - KGDA 2023

Early Bird | February 1st to March 31st, 2023
Regular Registration | April 1st to September 30th, 2023 Jury Screening | September and October
Winners Announcement | October
Awards Ceremony | November 15th

By Liliana Alvarez

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