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Unique Education Project - Inspireli Croatia Competition

Inspireli Awards
Architecture Students
Awards & Prizes:
Coming soon
Entries deadline:
14 February 2023
Prague & Croatia & Online

COMING SOON (Sept 2022)INSPIRELI offers architecture students from all over the world to participate in a completely unique educational project of a holiday resort in Croatia. For the first time in our history, we will combine competition and education in a single project that, thanks to an enlightened developer, will not only allow students to be involved in shaping the final design, but most importantly to work with product and technology suppliers from design to implementation.

Students are to design 130 buildings on 150,000 m2 in Croatia and will be involved in the project from the sketching the designs through building up till the opening of the resort.

This is a 5th year of Inspireli Awards competition for a to-be-built project (after Czech Embassy in Ethiopia or just finishing Port of Beirut Renewal competition) and this time it has an educational character. INSPIRELI AWARDS competition for Croatian resort project will be launched in September 2022, ending 14 February 2023, to allow Universities to include the topic in the winter semesters, giving their student this unique experience.

This prodigious project allows students to be involved in shaping the final design and to work with product and technology suppliers from design to implementation, giving them practical experience to complement their studies, bridging academia with practice, connecting students with professionals. The winners will be invited to Prague to the lead architectural studio and 3D company to learn the practical aspect of design implementation. Their name will be displayed on the building designed and will be invited to the opening ceremony and enjoy 10 days at the resort for free upon its completion in 2026 INSPIRELI AWARDS is the largest student competition that strives to support students and is open to all, regardless of their economic, social, or ethnic background – to compete is always free of charge and Inspireli offers professional’s feedbacks to the students. 

More about the upcoming competition can be found at the competition’s homepage at https://www.inspireli.com/en/awards/croatia-documents

Awards & Prizes:

1. Groundwork for final design of a real building - Winning designs will serve as a groundwork for final blueprints based on which the real building(s) will be built.

2. Name of the winner(s) on the building- Name of the winner(s) will be displayed at the plaquette at the reception or the building itself.

3. 10 days VIP stay at the resort - Invitation for the winner + 1 (his/her guest) - will have accommodation provided at the resort upon its opening in 2026 (in case of group project only 2 delegates + 2).

4. Members of Inspireli Croatia Studio - Winners will be part of the Inspireli Croatia Studio, an executive team in charge of creating final blueprints and visualizations of the final designs. 

5. Training at the Inspireli Croatia Studio - Winners will see their designs in the process of being implemented and receive training at the Lead Architectural studio in Prague with world renowned architect

6. Training at the 3D visualization studio - Winners will learn how to create professional Lumion visualizations at the lead visualization company Lumiartsoft

7. Flight tickets, accommodation and meals in Prague during Trainings - Tickets, accommodation and meals will be provided for the winners for the duration of their Training stay at the Inspireli Croatia Studio in Prague. (in case of group project only 2 delegates)

8. Promotion and experience - Winners will receive lot of promotion due to our extensive marketing activities connected with the project. (live streams, newsletters, social media posts, press releases – all worldwide)

Stay tuned for competition terms coming soon!

Inspireli Team

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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