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Ivanhoe House in Melbourne, Australia by Kavellaris Urban Design (KUD)

Designed by Melbourne-based architecture firm Kavellaris Urban Design (KUD), Ivanhoe House is a single-family home located in suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Project description by architect:

Located in the inner-Melbourne suburb of Ivanhoe sits a contemporary single-storey house nestled modestly between two comparatively imposing white Edwardian dwellings. This is mainly due to the home’s low-lying roofline, set against the soaring high pitches of the neighbours’, and the contextual use of the off-white stack-bond face brickwork – a borrowed reminder of its suburban locale.

huge rocks in the yard of the house in Melbourne image © Billy Kavellaris

From the front facade the brickwork can be seen used in two different ways: at one side is a rigid, solid framed box that embeds itself into the ground, while on the other hand is a cantilevered black mass hovering above the earth. Dividing these two forms is a gentle curve that soars above them. The face brickwork carries through to the interior of the house to provide textual contrast and define spatial functions. This type of architecture is mainly dependent on the acuteness of the execution, so the architects worked closely with the builder for careful set-out of the openings and the elongated gentle curve against the rigid stack-bond grid walls, to achieve a high level of precise craftsmanship. This sharpness gives the project an enhanced reading of form and balance.

Ground Floor PlanGround Floor Plan


Ivanhoe House in Melbourne, Australia by Kavellaris Urban Design (KUD)image © Billy Kavellaris

trees are reflected in the mirror shaped house wall image © Billy Kavellaris

decoration on the white wall image © Billy Kavellaris

house floor and wall finished with parquet image © Billy Kavellaris

wooden wall and ceiling image © Billy Kavellaris

fireplace in a cozy living room image © Billy Kavellaris

oval shaped dining table near window image © Billy Kavellaris

a basket of fruits on table image © Billy Kavellaris

girls in bikini swimming in pool at backyard of the house image © Billy Kavellaris

modern kicteh design image © Billy Kavellaris

entrance door with transparent glass let the sunlight enters the room image © Billy Kavellaris

bathroom with skylight in the ceiling let the natural sunlight enters the room image © Billy Kavellaris

staircase steps with LED lights on during night image © Billy Kavellaris

Drawing plans Drawing


Architecture firm: Kavellaris Urban Design

Location: Ivanhoe, MelbourneAustralia

Built area: 370 m²

Photography: Peter Bennetts

Project name: Ivanhoe House

Principal architect: Billy Kavellaris

Design team: Billy Kavellaris

Interior design: Billy Kavellaris

Design year: 2015

Completion year: 2017

Site area: 750 m²

Landscape: Kavellaris Urban Design

Structural engineer: Vayco Structures

Lighting: Billy Kavellaris

Construction: Kavellaris Urban Design

Client: Steve and Penny Makris

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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