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Z.C. Residence in Ubatuba, São Paulo designed by Klam Arquitetura

The Sao Paulo-based architecture firm Klam Arquitetura led by Anderson Muniz has descined Z.C. Residence, a single-family home located in Ubatuba, São Paulo, Brazil.

Architect's statement: Klam Arquitetura was invited to design this residence that should comfortably accommodate a large family. The project values ​​a minimalist look.

Metallic structure in the city of surf

Designed between the Atlantic Forest and the rough sea waters of the north coast of São Paulo, Residência Z.C is located at Praia da Itamambuca, one of the most fascinating in the city of Ubatuba. Stage of surf championships and adored by nature lovers, the region attracted the architect and surfer Anderson Muniz, owner of the Klam Arquitetura office, for the development of the architectural project.

modern house with pool in Brazil image © Ale Rodrigues

“The project had as its principle open, integrated and practical environments, all designed for a beach house”, comments Muniz. Knowing its location, with the Atlantic Forest serving as a garden in the yard, the architect chose to use large glass sheets to “separate” the internal and external environments.

Thanks to the integrated program, the kitchen was close to the outside area, creating a unique atmosphere on the ground floor, from the garden to the living room.

The pavilion's continuity is only interrupted by a 10-meter-high Angico Preto trunk, surrounded by metal wires that support steps made with garapa wood. The tree was found by a resident of the region fallen in the Atlantic forest and served as a raw material for the designer Hugo França - known for his work with natural goods - to build the “Escada Carvalho”, the second staircase and the largest internal part.

house facade made of steel concrete and wood image © Ale Rodrigues

To gain speed in the execution of the work, practicality and ease in cleaning, the residence was designed in a metallic structure with hot galvanization. In addition to optimizing construction, the horizontal, light and apparent lines of the structure, added to the double height and other elements of modernist inspiration, left the bold home.

For the 1,100 m² of construction, materials were provided that would facilitate the activity of a beach house, such as the sawed marble floor - which is non-slip and allows quick drying - throughout the common area (ground floor and bathrooms). The eaves of the upper floor were also extended in order to allow the maximum use of the house even on rainy days, which are recurrent in Ubatuba.

In the bedrooms and home theater, Anderson opted for the taco toothpick discarded wooden floor. The woody texture, this time cumaru wood, also appears on the panels and brises. In order to provide a beautiful marriage with wood, dimmable lamps were used - which allow adjustment of the brightness intensity.

Finally, the architect recalls that in the basement there is an engine room and cisterns, where the photovoltaic plant, solar heating and rainwater reuse are operated.

a spiral staircase around a tree inside living room image © Ale Rodrigues

spiral wooden staircase around a tree that grown inside the house image © Ale Rodrigues

staircase with wooden steps around an old treeimage © Ale Rodrigues

tree inside the house image © Ale Rodrigues

spiral staircase with metal handrails around a tree image © Ale Rodrigues

Z.C. Residence in Ubatuba, São Paulo designed by Klam Arquiteturaimage © Ale Rodrigues

staircase design around an old tree image © Ale Rodrigues

natural tree grown inside home image © Ale Rodrigues

modern chairs and table near the staircase image © Ale Rodrigues

luxury living room with comfortable sofa image © Ale Rodrigues

wooden staircase image © Ale Rodrigues

oak wood table with chairs image © Ale Rodrigues

man walking on second floor corridor image © Ale Rodrigues

tree grown inside a wooden house image © Ale Rodrigues

interior furniture image © Ale Rodrigues

living room with tv image © Ale Rodrigues

living space with white sofa and painting on the wall image © Ale Rodrigues

modern kitchen design image © Ale Rodrigues

cat walking on kitchen window image © Ale Rodrigues

sunlight enter the kitchen through window image © Ale Rodrigues

kitchen with wooden cabinet image © Ale Rodrigues

cozy living room with comfortable sofa image © Ale Rodrigues

house with steel structure columns and beams image © Ale Rodrigues

wooden shelf with flower pot and books image © Ale Rodrigues

white L shape sofa image © Ale Rodrigues

bathroom with marble stone image © Ale Rodrigues

bathroom decoration image © Ale Rodrigues

terrace with parquet floor has a spectacular landscape view image © Ale Rodrigues

the house facade made with wood material image © Ale Rodrigues

bedroom with open window to terrace image © Ale Rodrigues

Z.C. Residence in Ubatuba, São Paulo designed by Klam Arquiteturaimage © Ale Rodrigues

outdoor furniture and fire pit image © Ale Rodrigues

hanged metalic hammock image © Ale Rodrigues

metalic hammock hanged to ceiling in terrace image © Ale Rodrigues

wooden shelves image © Ale Rodrigues

dining table with garden view image © Ale Rodrigues

backyard garden image © Ale Rodrigues

house surrounded with green nature image © Ale Rodrigues

bedroom with jungle view image © Ale Rodrigues

bedroom with forest view image © Ale Rodrigues

bathroom washing basin image © Ale Rodrigues

bathroom shower with glass door image © Ale Rodrigues

Z.C. Residence in Ubatuba, São Paulo designed by Klam Arquiteturaimage © Ale Rodrigues

swimming pool at backyard of the house image © Ale Rodrigues

modern house in Brazil with pool image © Ale Rodrigues

luxury residence with swimming pool image © Ale Rodrigues

swimming pool with outdoor furniture image © Ale Rodrigues

green tree at a sunny day image © Ale Rodrigues

house entrance with step staircase image © Ale Rodrigues

swimming pool with illumination at night image © Ale Rodrigues

the aerial house view from above image © Ale Rodrigues


Project Name: Residência Z.C.

Architecture firm: Klam Arquitetura

Principal Architect: Anderson Muniz

Location: Ubatuba, São Paulo, Brazil

Design year: 2016

Completion year: 2017

Built area: 1100m²

Interior design: Tania Ortiz

Lighting: Klam Arquitetura

Construction: Klam Arquitetura

Photography: Ale Rodrigues

Text: Nathalia Lopes

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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