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INSPIRELI EDUCATION - Virtual Faculty of Architecture

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Mariana Vahalova
Inspireli Awards
Inspireli Education is a new educational platform that connects students with architects and manufacturers across the world. Its goal is to provide the students with feedback and advice from professionals and to facilitate access to the latest technologies, inform about innovations and new trends. 

Inspireli Education is an extension of Inspireli Awards, the world’s largest student competition in Architecture. The Award has 1200+ projects yearly from 142 countries worldwide and nearly 600 architects in the juryto find the best pieces of work in categories of Architecture, Interior Design, and Urban Design.

“With the growth of Inspireli Awards we had to think of a better way to support all the young talents, not just the handful of winners, “says the president and co-founder of Inspireli architect Karel Smejkal “so we held multiple conversations with students from all around the world. They confirmed they lack personal feedback for their work and unified, easy access to the newest technologies, innovations and green solutions in the construction field.”

Through Inspireli Education the students are connected with architects from a different continent and 3D visualization experts from Lumion and receive feedback to the projects submitted to the Inspireli Awards. This creates a portal open to all where the advice is shared freely and anybody can learn from it and improve.

The other part of the portal focuses on education about the newest technologies and innovations of the manufacturers and producers. It creates a hub of the information where people can filter through categories of products and typology of building to specify their search. “What is different to other portals? This is not just a catalogue presentation. We offer BIM plugins with direct download and access to the Bimproject’s cloud. We explain limits on the use of the product and clearly state what is green technology and/or innovation about. It also provides direct contact person to the company’s technician.”, says Karel Smejkal.

Inspireli Education also closely cooperates with IAESTE, which focuses on professional internships and employer activities, so to facilitate more connections for the students of technical universities with the companies in the sector.

Another element of this quite complex project is the extensive promotion of the students and their projects, architects and 3D experts and their feedbacks and the product innovations not only on the IE website but also through massive communication channels with 13 million followers and readers of Inspireli Awards and Amazing Architecture’s social media, youtube and Pinterest.

To support the students no matter what economical or ethnic conditions they come from is the core value of Inspireli, which is why it is always free for the students to enter the competition and to benefit from the use of the portal. Inspireli is supported by companies that understand the importance of education of young generations outside of just the Universities.

"We like how ambitious this project is and we want to be part of it right from the start. Like Inspireli, Reynaers Aluminium operates globally. We, therefore, have the opportunity to participate in the development of education in architecture across continents and to be part of many interesting projects," said Milan Masař, Managing Director of Reynaers Aluminium Czech Republic, one of the Founding members of Inspireli Education.

Among the founding members Inspireli Education you can also find global companies like Grohe, St.Gobain Ecophon, Ravak, Fenix Group and Geocore.

founder of inspireli awards shaking hand

Inspireli Education has only started in spring 2021 but it is growing rapidly to become the central place where manufacturers become teachers to educate about the newest technologies and innovation in all sectors of architecture and connect all participants in the construction sector – from students and universities, through experienced architects, to manufacturers and architectural companies so that they all benefit from the mutual cooperation on Inspireli Education platform.

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By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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