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Winner of Inspireli was offered a job at Zaha Hadid studio!

Written by:
Marina Vahalova
Inspireli Awards

Inspireli Awards makes dreams come true. The winners get to make a wish and winning team of the Urban Design category wished for a day spent at a world’s most famous architecture studio. And on top, one of them was offered a job there.

Winners of the Urban Design category of the 7th Inspireli Awards consisting of Růžena Mašková, Jakub Tomašík and Adam Rössler from Czech Technical University in Prague chose their 1st prize – “making a wish”- to be a visit at the Zaha Hadid Architects based in London.

Three-member winning group from Czech Republic along with the co-founder of Inspireli, Karel Smejkal, spent a day touring the studio. A surprise was organized by Inspireli upon their arrival – one of the winners, Ms. Mašková, had a job interview and was then offered a job at the Zaha Hadid Architects!

This is also the first time that a fresh alumni from CTU was offered a job at Zaha Hadid Architects.

The whole group had an amazing experience and you can watch the Wish Fulfillment video here.

All winners of Inspireli Awards get to dream and Inspireli does its best to make it come true. There is still time to submit student’s project to the 8th annual IAthe deadline is July 14, 2023! Any school project can compete, and it counts towards the Inspireli Global University Ranking – read more here.

See more at inspireli.com and inspireli.com/newsroom 

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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