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Oriented Fibers in Ecuador by Juan Alberto Andrade and María José Váscones

Designed by Ecuadorian architects Juan Alberto Andrade and María José Váscones, Oriented Fibers is an interior office space for Mendotel, a technology services company in Guayaquil, Ecuador

Project description by the architect:

A reform of color and matter. The main purpose of the project was to design a completely flexible space for the new requirements the client presented, which led to the study of its possible spatial occupation as a starting point. The work dynamics were analyzed, getting as a result an office and sales location with different levels of privacy. The project that shelters the new office consists of an open floor plan, ordered with the introduction of a reticulated shelf that distributes the office spaces: Services: Bathroom, cafeteria bar, showroom and Production area: Work and meetings.

girl wearing mask during covid19 working with her macbook on desk image © JAG studio

With a reduced space, the reticulated shelf was partitioned with glass divisions from floor to ceiling, which provides solid privacy but allows visual permeability throughout the place, creating a new interior facade.

Axonometric drawing Axonometric 

The design and functional dynamics in the interior spaces are articulated by the utilitarian furniture that expands from the shelf, a set of fixed tables, storage units and sliding doors that make its purpose more flexible. The materiality, manufacturing methods and construction were devised particularly for the type of execution that the project should achieve.

girl wearing mask working on her desk image © JAG studio

office with blue walls and wooden installation image © JAG studio

The materials used are mainly pine wood and colored lacquered wood. The reticulated shelf is made of planked pine wood (19 x 9 cm) with a system of dowels and white glue, in addition to different elements and partitions with OSB boards. The floor is finished with cement and a layer of sealant, the ceiling installations are exposed.

office interior design image © JAG studio

The use of colors, shapes and materials has been simplified as an area hierarchy resource: choosing 2020 blue pantone, and curved lines for the service container and white, natural woods, as well as orthogonal lines for the new spatial intervention.

girl walking at office corridor image © JAG studio

a girl wearing black washing her hands in washing basin image © JAG studio

beautiful girl wearing black mask opening window image © JAG studio

Oriented Fibers in Ecuador by Juan Alberto Andrade and María José Vásconesimage © JAG studio

girl going out from toilet image © JAG studio

blue walls image © JAG studio

girl sitting on chair and reading book image © JAG studio

a girl reading book while sitting on a chair image © JAG studio

girl wearing black mask workin at office image © JAG studio

wooden bookshelves image © JAG studio

blue wall interior design image © JAG studio

tea cup image © JAG studio

white door with arc image © JAG studio

cactus plant in a pink pot image © JAG studio

wooden window image © JAG studio

beautiful girl in office working at desk image © JAG studio

Architectural Plan Plan 

Architectural section drawing Section 

Architectural section drawing Section

Detail drawing Detail 


Circulation Circulation 


Project name: Oriented Fibers

Architecture firm: Juan Alberto AndradeMaría José Váscones

Collaborators: Cuqui Rodriguez

Location: Guayaquil, Ecuador

Built area: 8 m²

Completion year: 2020

Photography: JAG studio

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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