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Andrea Vattovani Architecture proposes a mixed-use tower in Limassol

In 2018 Graz-based studio AVA - Andrea Vattovani Architecture was invited by the developers „Masharii“ and „The Land“ to propose a design for a mixed-use tower in Limassol.

Due to its sculptural form and innovative design the project was one of the finalists.

AVA found their inspiration for the project directly in front of it - at the wonderful beach, or more precisely in the simple childhood memory of playing with pebbles and stacking them on top of each other. It is exactly this plain expression of beauty and freedom that inspired the final form of the building.

the Limassol pebble tower in Cyprus with green terraces image © iddqd Studio - Andrea Vattovani Architecture 

The seemingly complex orientation of the pebbles i.e. levels is designed to create a premium living experience while maximizing the sellable area of the building. The pebbles are shaped by a steel structure around a reinforced concrete core, which itself hosts the central patio connecting the levels through a luminous green space. The building geometry is self-shading, an efficient way for reducing overheating in the summer. Every apartment has an outstanding 360-degree view while the pebble shape offers privacy and additional features such as greenery and pools on the terraces. The greenery is connected to an integrated irrigation system which keeps it green all-year long. Rainwater harvesting during the winter months helps with the overall water consumption, especially for the irrigation system. Plants can have a drastic effect on the micro-climate of a building, they keep it cool and create additional shade.

Andrea Vattovani Architecture proposes a mixed-use tower in Limassol image © iddqd Studio - Andrea Vattovani Architecture 

The tower hosts a commercial area in its base as it then grows into a residential tower. The buildings materiality is based on white tones with a ventilated façade made out of concrete panels fitting to the natural surrounding environment and letting the structure and greenery become the centerpiece. The flats are very flexible, creating three main versions. The duplex, the penthouse, the simplex with one apartment per floor or with two apartments per floor. These 3 versions are also flexible in themselves creating numerous variations for the new residents.

residential tower at a beach in Limassol image © iddqd Studio - Andrea Vattovani Architecture 

seaside residential tower image © iddqd Studio - Andrea Vattovani Architecture 

skyscraper with layered terraces in beach image © iddqd Studio - Andrea Vattovani Architecture 

apartment with open terraces image © Andrea Vattovani Architecture 

architectural section drawing

section drawings for a tower

site plan drawing

architectural diagram

ground floor plan

sample floor plan

typical floor plan

terrace floor plan

penthouse floor plan

Project name: The Limassol Pebble

Architecture firm: Andrea Vattovani Architecture

Project Architect: Andrea Vattovani
Project Leader:Igor Kolonic

Project Team: Laura Chromecek, Agnieszka Jeleniewska, Mario Keusch

Project Developers: Masharii, The Land Investment and Real-Estate Development Company

Status: Design

Area: 5.480 m²

Location: Limassol, Cyprus  

Year: 2018

Architectural Renderings: iddqd Studio

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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