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By redefining the way of inhabiting and occupying one territory, the PEKULIARI project announces a new relationship between humans and their natural habitat. Diametrically opposed with the concept of urban sprawl, this impressive tower that stands in the heart of the vast forest of Quebec greatly diminishes its impact on nature and the destruction...
Project name
Architecture firm
MU Architecture
Outaouais, Quebec, Canada
670 ft
The Tower Project is an amazing parametric skyscraper school project by Amr Eldreny from department of architecture at Mansoura University, Egypt. Project description by the architect: The idea is to make a landmark so i used light to provide me that, I want to make the tower visually attracti...
The Chicago-based international architectural firm PALMA has designed "Atlântica Self-Rising Tower" inspired by the behavior of insects like ants, termites and bees and their ability to construct large-scale habitats for their communities. Project description by the architects: The Atlântica s...