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D5 Render for Teams: The Industry-leading Collaborative Architecture/Design/Visualization Tool

Application software:
D5 Render
Dimension 5 Techs Pte. Ltd.
Operating system:
Windows 10 v1809 or above
SketchUp, Autodesk 3ds Max, Revit, ArchiCAD, Rhinoceros 3D, Cinema 4D, Blender
Architectural Rendering Software
D5 GI Solution, Real-time Ray tracing, Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS), D5 SR Image Rendering, Up to 16K Photos and Panoramas, 4K Video Rendering, Camera Control, VR, Custom HDRI, Geo and Sky, Weather System, Cinematic Camera Effect, Caustics, Merge Projects, Section Tool, D5 Studio, Advanced Camera Tool, Real-time LiveSync. For details, please visit https://www.d5render.com/features
D5 Community (For beginners and individuals): Free. D5 Pro (For advanced, professional users): Annual – USD $360, Monthly – USD $38, For 1 Floating License. D5 (for Teams For teams of 2 or more members): Annual – USD $708, Monthly – USD $75, For 1 Floating License

Brings real-time collaboration, asset management, progress tracking... all in one place! Revolutionizes existing 3D real-time rendering workflows.

D5 Render, a global leader in 3D real-time rendering solutions, has revolutionized the AEC industry with the launch of its groundbreaking collaboration platform - D5 Render for Teams. This marks the first-ever introduction of a hybrid collaboration model into 3D real-time rendering work, aiming to enhance the efficiency and centralization of B-end users in executing various creative design tasks.

Available at an annual subscription of $708, design teams can leverage innovative collaborative features, streamlining their creative workflows. These includes:

Secure Team Library

Design teams can create and deploy their own material libraries within a local area network environment. Customizable permissions ensure the security of digital assets while providing easy access to a diverse range of resources.

Multi-editor Editing

This empowers every designer in the team to access project files in real-time from the project library. The platform's working sets foster seamless, simultaneous collaboration, enabling designers to specify editable sections and facilitate local saving. This is a game-changer in promoting team synergy and efficiency.

Member Management

This feature simplifies the onboarding process with an easy-to-use interface for member invitations, seat allocation, and role permissions configuration. The intuitive background dashboard provides real-time tracking of project progress, team member count, and project implementations, ensuring effective and efficient project management.

Presets & Cloud Workspace

D5 Studio enhances the platform by providing a robust 100GB cloud workspace. This allows designers to construct and amass a wealth of presets and efficiency tools. Sharing preset parameters within the team not only promotes collaboration but also boosts overall design proficiency. Additionally, the platform includes 100GB of free cloud storage for preset parameter resources, further enriching the design process.

Real-time Comments and More

Revolutionizes your review and feedback process with real-time collaboration. D5 Render for Teams empowers team members to create comments with images and anchor points, facilitating precise and targeted feedback anywhere within the project.

For a comprehensive overview of these features and to avail a free trial, please visit: https://www.d5render.com/team

About D5 Render

Established in 2015, D5 has quickly become a frontrunner in the computer graphics and rendering industry, now serving over 1 million users worldwide. Its premier product, D5 Render, is a top-tier 3D real-time creation tool that harmoniously integrates with leading modeling software including Sketchup, 3ds Max, Rhino, Revit, Blender, Archicad, and C4D. This integration enables a fluid 3D design workflow. D5 Render is widely employed across various industries including architecture, landscape, interior design, and more. It enhances design and visual expression, offering a simplified and efficient 3D creative experience.


Cover image courtesy of @victorbortiz_architecture

By Liliana Alvarez

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