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Revolutionary D5 2.7 Unveiled: Harness the Power of Real-time Rendering Enhanced by Cutting-edge AI and PCG Capabilities

Application software:
D5 Render
D5 Inc.
Operating system:
Windows 10 v1809 or above
SketchUp, Revit, Autodesk 3ds Max, ArchiCAD, Rhinoceros 3D, C4D, Blender
3D Rendering Software
AI Atmosphere Match, AI Ultra HD Texture, AI Make Seamless, D5 Scatter, Text to 3D, D5 GI, Advanced Grass, Virtual Reality, 12,000+ Built-in Assets, Animation Rendering, Camera Movement Templates, Custom Local Library, Multi-Language Option. For details, please visit https://www.d5render.com/features
D5 Community for beginners and individuals: Free. D5 Pro for advanced, professional users: Annual – USD $360, Monthly – USD $38. D5 for Teams for teams of 2 or more members: Annual – USD $708, Monthly – USD $75 per seat. D5 for Education for student and educators: Free

D5 Render, the forefront provider of real-time rendering solutions, has unveiled an extensive software upgrade encompassing 35 updates and optimizations. Many of these advancements leverage the power of AI and PCG, aimed at refining the seamless design-to-visualization workflow.

Highlighted features include D5 Scatter, upgraded AI Atmosphere Match, AI Ultra HD Texture, AI Make Seamless, Text to 3D, enhanced D5 GI, optimized Grass, and top-tier Virtual Reality capabilities. Additionally, the D5 Asset Library has been enriched with an extensive collection of 12,000+ items.

These additions furnish architecture, landscape, and interior designers with an expanded arsenal, empowering them to bring their creative visions to life with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

A Must-Have Vegetation PCG Tool for Every Landscape Designer

D5 Scatter: D5 Render presents its latest innovative tool, D5 Scatter, driven by the advanced PCG solution. This tool empowers landscape designers to craft exceptionally realistic landscapes with unmatched speed and efficiency.

With D5 Scatter, users can partition a surface into multiple zones, each accommodating diverse plant species from the extensive D5 Asset Library, facilitating the realization of intricate landscape designs like never before. The scattered plant models offer flexibility in adjusting density, proportion, scale, and orientation, allowing for various effects to be achieved in a remarkably short period.

Enhanced with built-in Scatter Presets and an expansive selection of over 4,000 global plant models, D5 Scatter streamlines the creation of both natural and organized landscapes with remarkable ease.

Moreover, D5 Render provides rich and lifelike grass materials, enabling landscape architects to craft vibrant and aesthetically pleasing lawns.

Innovative AI Breakthroughs from Environment to Materials

AI Atmosphere Match: In its 2.6 release, D5 Render introduces AI Atmosphere Match, empowering designers to effortlessly generate desired sky, natural lighting, and post-production effects using reference images. This tool has been enhanced to deliver even more precise matching results for both outdoor and indoor scenes, saving designers valuable time by minimizing the need for manual adjustment of environmental parameters and allowing them to concentrate on the creative design process.

AI Ultra HD Texture: With the integration of AI Super Resolution in D5 2.7, textures with lower resolutions can now be automatically enhanced to up to 4K resolution. This process reduces noise and imperfections while preserving intricate texture details, providing designers with higher quality textures for their projects.

AI Ultra HD Texture off

AI Ultra HD Texture on

Make Seamless: D5 2.7 now includes AI Inpainting to seamlessly eliminate seams between base color map textures, ensuring a uniform and authentic appearance. Combining AI Ultra HD Texture and Make Seamless enables you to attain intricately detailed visualization outcomes in a shorter timeframe.

Make Seamless off

Make Seamless on 

Text to 3D: You can transform texts into 3D assets in realistic, cartoon or low-poly styles with ease, sparking creativity and giving life to inspiration.

Taking Real-Time Design & Rendering to the Next Level

Upgraded D5 GI: The improvements made to global illumination algorithms in D5 2.7 propel us toward attaining the standards of offline rendering quality. With a heightened focus on color accuracy in diffuse effects, unparalleled realism is achieved, enriching scenes with lifelike lighting.

Accelerated Rendering Speed: D5 2.7 introduces a substantial boost in rendering speed for both images and videos, surpassing 45% increase. This enhancement streamlines the review and revision process between designers and clients.

Higher-Quality Virtual Reality: The latest advancements in D5 Render's VR algorithms signify a significant advancement in presenting design projects in an immersive and interactive manner. With improved lighting realism and reduced noise, the VR experiences attain higher fidelity.

New Assets: The D5 team is excited to unveil a diverse array of new assets, including lowpoly assets, walking characters, grouped characters, and an exquisite selection of new PBR materials. These additions are tailored to enrich visual storytelling and push the boundaries of architectural visualization.

Smooth Workflow for 3ds Max, SketchUp, and More

D5 Render 2.7 introduces LiveSync compatibility with 3ds Max 2025 and SketchUp 2024.

This feature enables real-time visual feedback and instant synchronization of model modifications, eliminating the need for manual updates.

Stay tuned for additional LiveSync workflows tailored for other modeling software, as D5 team continues to expand integration capabilities.

Continuing their quest for an enhanced user experience, the D5 Render team has now officially introduced support for the Spanish language and plans to incorporate additional languages in the future.

For more information about D5 Render and its latest updates, please visit https://www.d5render.com/

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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