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The Egyptian architectural student Ahmed Ayman has designed Shahid a Museum of Architecture & Documentation center that located in Al-Mokattam,Cairo, Egypt.  Project description by designer: My Project brands for the importance of understanding heritage not just watching it. This would take pl...
The Egyptian architectural student Ahmed Darwish has designed Salt formation center an art center that relies on Salt physical reactions as an artistic raw material, located in Marriott lake in Alexandria, Egypt.  Project description by designer: Marriott region is a proposed new rising city l...
The Indian architectural student Astin John has designed a proposal for Hyperloop terminal Mumbai a B.arch graduation project that located in Mumbai, India. Project description by designer: The Hyperloop terminal design is intended to bring the new age revolutionized hyperloop transportation t...
What is Biovular? Reorganization of fraternal twin masses in order to serve a totally sustainable habitat which is also re-designing the overall neighborhood density to create opportunity for improving agricultural activities into the program and creating more green spaces while re-leveling the s...
Modern Baroque Skyscraper designed by SeonJin Kim an architecture student at Kookmin University in Seoul,South Korea. Contemporary architecture, which is featured of diversity, is itself belonged to diversity in paradoxically speaking.
SeonJin Kim
Kookmin University
Alamal tourist resort for special in needs is a graduation projects by student Maram Asiri from King Abdulaziz university in Jeddah,Saudi Arabia. The idea of spine of human which reperesnets a series of irregular bones that paragraphs difference in each people with special needs. However d...
Complex Building design & visualization by Mostafa Ahmad Afia. Using green architecture and parametric formation to produce an architecturally efficient building to live in and use. The green area roof especially designed to provide the residents with luxury and healthy life through the magnificent gardens and extra great views.
Mostafa Ahmad Afia
Zagzaig University
Tools used
Autodesk 3ds Max, V-ray, Adobe Photoshop