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Chaman Villa designed by Special Space Studio

The Iran-based architectural studio Special Space Studio has designed a single family home that located in Mehrshahr, south-west of Karaj city, in Alborz province, Iran.

Architect's statement: The design of Chaman Villa began with how to deal with existing condition on site; an old residential unit and a pool. We seek to preserve them. By placing a Cedrus tree at the end of entrance path and redefining this path a structural ax was made in a way that second volume added at the other side of the ax.

a white villa in a snowy day Since the primary volume was in the basic house form, by playing with slopes and eliminating symmetry, we tried to remodel the archetypal house. These changes were in a way that the public and private zones divided according to their needed areas. Façade transparency between the volumes makes the Cedrus to be seen from the site entry.

White House with big glass windows

Chaman Villa designed by Special Space Studio in Mehshahra

a man with curly hair standing outside of the house in a snowy day

a White House with red carpet

large pendant lamp hanged over tow read armchairs

glass window with black metal frame

interior of the villa

Chaman Villa designed by Special Space Studio

a house with beautiful illumination at night

ground floor plan

First Floor Plan

site plan analysis

site plan


architectural sections



Archiecture firm: Special Space Studio

Project Year: 2016

Location: Mehrshahr, Alborz province, Iran

Architect: Mojtaba Tasallot 

Design Team: Mahyar Tasallot, Milad Sarhadi, Hossein Namazi

Executive Team: Mohammad Tasallot, Khashayar Khalaj

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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