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Punta Pajaros in Oaxaca, Mexico by Alberto Kalach / TAX

Project name:
Punta Pajaros
Architecture firm:
TAX / Taller de arquitectura X
Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico
Tools used:
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, AutoCAD
Principal architect:
Alberto Kalach
Design team:
Alberto Kalach, Ivan Ramirez
Built area:
1 700 m²
Site area:
25 000 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
Interior design:
Decada Muebles
Structural engineer:
Proyectos EKO (Ricardo Soto)
Civil engineer:
Proyectos EKO
Environmental & MEP:
: Alberto Kalach, Luis Urrutia
Jose Ramirez
Ivan Ramirez
Guillermo Montesinos
Wood (Structure: Pine, Decks : Tzalam, Doors: Macuil)
Luis Urrutia
Environmental Villas

The Mexican architecture studio TAX led by Alberto Kalach has recently completed ''Punta Pajaros'' a series of ecological villas located in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Architect's statement: Punta Pajaros is a regenerative project developed close tu Puerto Escondido Oaxaca in the Mexican Pacific coast. The project was designed by Alberto Kalach (TAX) and it is integrated by 11 ecological villas in a land of 25 000 m² with 250 meters of beach front. We are located next to Hotel Escondido of Grupo Habita and Casa Wabi of Bosco Sodi and designed by Tadao Ando. 

wood tropical house surrounded with green plants and sand image © Guillermo Montesinos

The project was designed under regenerative principles. When we arrived, the land was degraded by agricultural activities, so together with Alberto Kalach and his team, we did a study of the native vegetation of the place and began a process of reforestation. Today we have planted more than 100 thousand plants in the whole area including Casa Wabi where Kalach designed and developed the gardens.

wooden house with small pond
image © Guillermo Montesinos

In addition, we designed the Villas to have the least impact on the soil by building them over pilots, the impact of the construction as a percentage of the land is less than 10%. For the construction we used local and certified wood which is a renewable resource produced by local communities. We also use solar energy and water is treated in biodigesters. 

ecological villa in mountain desert
image © Guillermo Montesinos

Adding all these strategies together, we believe we are having a positive impact in the environment by developing regenerative projects. Today we can see a lot of insects, butterflies, small animals, lots of birds, etc that have come back to the place, the soil has changed, and the ecosystem is restored.

wooden ladder next to bathroom
image © Guillermo Montesinos

The main objective of Punta Pajaros is to create environmental consciousness among its visitors, so that our guests can reconnect with the environment. 

hanged hammock in the deck image © Guillermo Montesinos

We believe architecture today should be responsible with the environment and must be a way to recover ecosystems that were lost

small living space with chairs and rug image © Guillermo Montesinos

bedroom with hanged fan in the ceiling image © Guillermo Montesinos

blue sofa next to kitchen image © Guillermo Montesinos

bedroom with open Woden window image © Guillermo Montesinos

bedside tables image © Guillermo Montesinos

outdoor chairs image © Guillermo Montesinos

reflection of tree in pond water image © Guillermo Montesinos

pool image © Guillermo Montesinos

ecological wooden villas image © Guillermo Montesinos

nopal plant in desert mountain image © Guillermo Montesinos

bedroom with illumination at night image © Guillermo Montesinos

house illuminated with lighting at night image © Guillermo Montesinos

wooden house image © Guillermo Montesinos

Connect with the TAX

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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