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Soore Wall, the novel result of an architectural study

Designed and built by a group of Iranian architcture tutors, Soore wall is located at Soore faculty of Architecture, TehranIran

Project description by the architects:

Soore Wall is the novel result of an architectural study. The wall had been built by recreating muqarnas art with an approach to algorithmic design and digital fabrication. To form the general structure of the wall we used the evolutional algorithms for developing rosette geometrics and gere chini. Also the wall has been decorated with mirrors which were designed with attractive algorithms to strengthen the students interactions with the the wall. The functional goal of the project was to vitalize an old and forgotten wall to become a place for students communications and a space for performing the university's events at the same time.

Soore Wall, the novel result of an architectural studyimage © Mohammad Mahdi Yazdanpoor

The methods that had been used for making this project were laser cutting techniques, folding and welding. The components of the wall are 340 non-similar pieces which are joined to each other with 552 different angles.

a green wall installation made of laser cutting image © Mohammad Mahdi Yazdanpoor

young Iranian girls sitting by a green wall installation and chatting image © Mohammad Mahdi Yazdanpoor

wall installation in Iran image © Mohammad Mahdi Yazdanpoor

aerial view of the green wall image © Mohammad Mahdi Yazdanpoor

young couples with hijab sitting by a green wall installation image © Mohammad Mahdi Yazdanpoor

Soore Wall at the store faculty of architecture in Tehran, Iran image © Mohammad Mahdi Yazdanpoor

Iranian Star symbol of the sun

geometrical symbols in islamic patterns

pattern design process

pattern design process

folding simulation

form evolution

architectural diagram

fabrication process

color of the wall

function of the wall

installation process

Lead Architects: Majid Aghazadeh, Saman Rajool, Dena Khaksar, Kaveh Rezaei 

Construction Manager: Masoud Soleimani
Students: Ahmad Baghbani, Atiyeh Ghalamboran, Negar Jamshidian, Farzaneh Amiri, Fatemeh MehriDehno, Parisa Memar, Dariush Khodaei, Babak Kafaei Azimi, Romina Oghazian, Tahereh Farhang, Nadia Rezaei, Zahra Heydari, Ghazal Torkamandi, Roya Ghasemi, Narges Golchin

Location: Soore faculty of ArchitectureTehranIran

Year: 2019

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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