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OMNIRES on the international design stage. We talk to Paulina Shacalis and Anna Łoskiewicz

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At the Salone del Mobile trade fair, one of the most important events in the world of interior design, many brands welcome visitors at stands that are genuine examples of creativity and innovative approaches to product display. Each brand tries to catch the eye of the visitors, impressing them with unique concepts and an atmosphere specific to every stand. Today, we talk to Anna Łoskiewicz from Loskiewicz.Studio and Paulina Shacalis, Managing & Creative Director at OMNIRES, in an attempt to explore how taking part in this kind of activity outside Poland fits into the sector’s mission, philosophy and future.

Milan’s Salone del Mobile is undoubtedly one of Europe’s most celebrated design events. What benefits do you see from participating in this trade fair?

Paulina Shacalis I am excited about the expanding opportunities to promote Polish brands internationally. I am exceptionally pleased at the prospect of exhibiting OMNIRES products alongside companies that focus on superior quality, which is a crucial part of promoting Polish design on a global scale. We believe that our range of products is outstanding, so we are delighted that they will be shown to such a large audience.

You have decided to entrust the design of your Milanese exhibition space to Loskiewicz.Studio. What aspects of this collaboration are important to you, and what values do you share while implementing your joint projects?

Paulina Shacalis – Our company is committed to high-quality design, which is why we entrust special projects to the studio of Anna Łoskiewicz. This is not our first collaboration; we have previously worked together on the design of the OMNIRES stand at the ISH trade show in Frankfurt, for instance. Anna Łoskiewicz is also responsible for the brand’s office design, and we are currently working on the OMNIRES showroom in Warsaw’s Powiśle district. The primary advantage of this collaboration is, of course, the creativity of Anna and that of her team. Our collaborative designs are characterised by a balance between a minimalist approach and artistic details, which Anna introduces with remarkable ease. I value her creativity, courage, and determination to ensure that every detail is implemented to the highest possible standard.

Anna Łoskiewicz – Our fourth project with OMNIRES is yet another step towards creating coherent worlds that perfectly harmonise with the brand’s values. My approach is about timeless minimalism complemented by a wealth of details, colours, textures and carefully selected materials, providing an inspiring backdrop for product display. My design process is centred around a holistic approach that is more comparable to creating architecture than a conventional trade show stand.

What was the idea behind the brand’s introduction in Milan?

Paulina Shacalis – The idea always remains the same. We wish to create an environment that inspires others to discover our products, maximising the visitors’ attention. Our aim is to evoke a feeling of mystique, similar to the atmosphere inside an art gallery, but without making the stand look and feel overly formal. We wish to create an atmosphere that is conducive to conversation and makes everyone feel comfortable. This time, our theme in Milan is: “The Art of Water Design”. It will enable us to talk about the art of designing a product that makes use of the flow of water – a product that is beautiful, functional and environmentally friendly.

Anna Łoskiewicz - In Milan, we will see a kind of pavilion, with the dominant feature inside designed to be memorable for visitors. Given the nature of OMNIRES products and the Italian setting, I chose to be inspired by water, interpreting it in a way that combines art with functionality. The fountain, which is the focal point of the stand, in addition to its aesthetic value, will also fulfil the practical function of enabling visitors to drink filtered water.

What reactions do you want to elicit from visitors to the stand?

Anna Łoskiewicz - We would like visitors to integrate themselves with the stand, co-creating it to a certain degree. I appreciate the ability to evoke a feeling of deep immersion, of being transported to a completely new and fascinating space. At a trade fair, you want to showcase many products, but you have to find the golden mean so that the display is not overwhelming.

Paulina Shacalis – Our priority is always to create a space that is set apart from its surroundings. We want to welcome visitors with a friendly atmosphere, background music and soft furnishings. At the same time, we want to stimulate the senses and tell rewarding stories about our products.

A new OMNIRES showroom is currently being constructed in Warsaw’s Powiśle district. What strategy have you adopted in creating this space?

Anna Łoskiewicz - I think it’s a continuation of the emotions and values that are universal to the brand and that have also guided us in previous projects. The creative zone, where you can work with mood boards and create your own compositions, will be very important. I have also designed a display area to provide customers with lots of inspiration. The showroom has many layers – the further in, the more fascinating the discoveries. Each layer will carry a different emotion, creating a dynamic and diverse space. We design zones with flexible functions that can adapt to changing needs. Our aim is to engage our audience both intellectually and emotionally. I do not want to impose ready-made solutions but rather stimulate the visitors’ imagination. For OMNIRES, it is important to emphasise the beauty of the products, which is why I carefully select materials that will form a perfect balance with the product range. In this day and age, when it is easy to become weighed down with superfluous information, such concepts start to exhibit real value.

Paulina Shacalis - We want the place to be timeless, so we rely on practical solutions. The different zones of the showroom will come alive in various ways – during a special event or an everyday meeting with a client. We want to integrate the industry by organising workshops and inviting a wide range of guests. The showroom will also feature an open kitchen, where the best conversations will surely be held – just like at home!

What values and philosophy set OMNIRES apart from its competitors?

Paulina Shacalis - We are distinguished not only by the scale of the business but also by our approach to design. Our team is young, energetic and always up to date with the latest trends. We also attach great importance to responsible design. We strive to provide high-quality solutions without putting undue strain on customers’ pockets. Our ambitions are wide-reaching – we constantly ask ourselves what else we can bring to the market. Such an approach lets us implement diverse projects and enjoy a high degree of freedom in our activities. We believe that our products are not only of high quality but also of outstanding value – we can confidently recommend them to anyone. Moreover, we appreciate the opportunity to work with talented designers – if their work inspires us, we do not hesitate to invite them to join us in our design endeavours. In a world of consumerism, we see ourselves as a brand with a soul that advocates value and quality.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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