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8th Annual Inspireli Awards announces its finalists!

Written by:
Mariana Vahalova
Inspireli Awards

The largest student competition in the world has announced the Finalists of its 8th edition. 1069 participants from 85 countries are competing for prizes such as Archicad PRO license and their architectural wish to be fulfilled with the power of Inspireli community.

The total of 1031 projects have been reviewed by the international jury counting nearly 950 architects and designers and 44 best projects coming from 21 countries across 4 continents have been selected. The category of Architecture counts 30 finalists while the Urban design as well as Interior design have 7 finalists each.

On Aug 1 also starts the 2nd round of the voting – finals.

The same pool of all of Inspireli Jurors will have a chance to nominate 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each category and the winners will be then announced on the September 23, 2023 at the LIVE Winner’s ceremony event streamed online from a ground of the Czech Technical University in Prague.

Inspireli Awards is the largest student competition in the world and this edition was already 8th year. The competition is open 10 months so that the students have enough time to finish their university project and can then submit (free of charge) their projects. Part of INSPIRELI AWARDS is always the Inspireli Competitionwhich was the Edu-project Croatia aka Miris Garden. The winners of the Croatia competition will be announced on the August 10, 2023 at Inspireli.com.

For the Finalist gallery and all the projects please visit the competition website on www.inspireli.com/en/awards/finalists 

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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