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Farmstead Collection Emerges As Costa Rica's Premier Eco-Luxury Lifestyle Community

Written by:
Christian Urbat
Farmstead Collection

Farmstead Collection: Costa Rica's pioneering eco-luxury community seamlessly blends sustainable living and luxurious comfort in a breathtaking natural setting.

A new chapter in sustainable living begins with the unveiling of Farmstead Collection, Costa Rica's latest and most innovative eco-luxury lifestyle community. Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Costa Rica, Farmstead Collection offers a harmonious blend of serenity, regenerative farming, and luxurious living that's poised to redefine the modern concept of community.

The heart of Farmstead Collection beats to the rhythm of sustainability. What sets this community apart is its dedication to striking a balance between environmental stewardship and community well-being. Situated on a retired cow pasture farm, Farmstead Collection stands as a testament to mindful development—no trees were felled, and in fact, the community boasts a reforestation initiative with the ambitious goal of planting 500 trees. The panoramic vistas of the Pacific Ocean, cooling breeze from the nearby mountains and the sprawling protected wildlife-filled forests create an idyllic backdrop for residents seeking a connection with nature.

This haven of luxury places nature at the center of its offerings. With organic vegetable gardens, flourishing fruit orchards, a planned communal greenhouse, and a yoga deck nestled within its bounds, Farmstead Collection seamlessly intertwines luxury living with the rhythms of the earth. The presence of barns housing farm animals, including horses, wild turkeys, and chickens, offers a genuine farm experience that's both nostalgic and revitalizing.

Farmstead Collection isn't just a residence; it's a community united by a shared vision of conscious living. The Communal Farmhouse will be the future hub of activity, promoting a farm-to-table concept that celebrates local flavors and fosters a deeper connection with the land. Planned co-working spaces and an artist-in-residence showcase enhance the community's creative spirit, inviting entrepreneurs, creators, and artists to collaborate and thrive together.

Farmstead Collection is emblematic of a brighter future in a world awakened by the disruptions caused by the pandemic. "The disruption from the pandemic has opened people's eyes; they are deliberately seeking a healthier and more conscious lifestyle," remarks Farmstead Collection’s spokesperson and  visionary force behind Farmstead Collection. The community's commitment to fostering local entrepreneurship demonstrates its dedication to supporting the surrounding region while exemplifying a new way of living.

Established in 2020, Farmstead Collection is headquartered in Tampa, Florida, USA. The flagship community in Playa Hermosa (near Dominical and Uvita )thrives on collaboration, drawing upon a highly capable team skilled in real estate, architecture, interior design, construction management, regenerative agriculture, technology, branding, and marketing. Together, they've woven Farmstead Collection into a tapestry that harmonizes luxury, nature, and community.

About Company:

Farmstead Collection is a visionary community in Costa Rica that harmonizes luxury living with regenerative farming and sustainable values, redefining modern living in nature's embrace. Farmstead Collection offers a haven where panoramic ocean views, protected wildlife forests, and a commitment to local entrepreneurship unite, offering a unique blend of serenity and innovation.

By Liliana Alvarez

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