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Help Indian students' dream of studying architecture abroad come true!

Written by:
Mariana Vahalova

Each year, winners of INSPIRELI AWARDS, the largest student architectural competition in the world, get to make a wish as the first prize, and INSPIRELI tries to fulfill it. This time, we are calling upon the Architectural community to help us make it happen.

The winners of the Urbanism category in the 8th INSPIRELI AWARDS, Anya Ghosh, Saanchi Rajpoot and Shivam Takulia from India, have dreamed of receiving high education degree in Architecture at prestigious world universities such as Harvard, Politecnico di Milano and MIT, and asked us for Financial assistance fund.

Financial resources are often the only thing that separates young talents from achieving great success. They prove their talents by winning among 1000 projects and that is why INSPIRELI wants to recognize and support the young generation in developing their potential.

The funds raised will pay for the winners to fulfil their wishes, for example: Living expenses (Accommodation, food), School supplies and books, Airfare, Tuition (if no scholarship).

Please help us make the dream come true for INSPIRELI AWARDS winners and join us in supporting the next generation of architects worldwide. 

Fundraiser is found here and you can make a payment directly via QR code, bank transfer or credit card – or click https://www.znesnaze21.cz/en/campaign/indian-students-dream-of-studying-architecture-abroad-coming-true.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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