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Inspireli Miris Garden Competition knows its Winners!

Written by:
Mariana Vahalova, Inspireli Education
Inspireli Awards

INSPIRELI AWARDS offered architecture students from all over the world to participate in a completely unique educational project of a holiday resort in Croatia and now the winners are announced!

Inspireli chose a prodigious approach and combined competition and education in a single project that. Thanks to progressive developers YD Capital and Insyn Group, this competition will not only allow students to be involved in shaping the final design, but most importantly to work with product and technology suppliers from design to implementation and be part of the Inspireli Studio, where they are led by the main architect Martin Dudaško and they participate in the process of creation of the final appearance of each zone.

A total of 240 students from 38 countries entered the competition and together they created 163 designs. Over 800 jurors of Inspireli first chose the 30 finalists out of which the finals jury selected the winners of 6 categories. Each of them concerned the creation of one zone of a future all-round resort near the town of Starigrad – Miris Garden. The winning projects will serve as initial ideas for the final designs of the buildings in the Croatian resort.

The winning students from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Kosovo created their ideas for a new project, in which, in addition to restaurants and a promenade, we will also find a hotel, apartments, private luxury villas or a shopping center. All parts of the resort were created with great respect for the Croatian landscape and nature. Materially, the students tried to create the impression of a pleasant place for active leisure and relaxation while using location-specific materials such as stone and wood.

"The main benefit of this collaboration is that students have the opportunity to participate in the actual construction. They can see how their student project is taken, turned into a final project and then into a building. Above all, they get a reference and implementation already at school," says Mariana Vahalová, CEO of Inspireli Education.

One of the main prizes of the competition was a five-day 3D visualizations workshop at the Department of Architecture of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague. During the workshop, 13 winners in 6 categories with the chief architect and specialists from Lumion CZ&SK created professional 3D visualizations for their winning projects using the Lumion software.

All the winning project are to be seen at and the winners are: https://www.inspireli.com/en/awards/croatia-winners 

The winner of the Zone Private Vila is Jakub Hencze from Faculty of Architecture and Design STU in Bratislava in Slovakia and his project can be found here: https://www.inspireli.com/en/awards/detail/5575.

The winners of Urban design are Lukáš Mottl and Jan Vařečka from CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering in Czech Republic and their project can be seen here:https://www.inspireli.com/en/awards/detail/5686.

The Zone Marina and Coastal zone winner is Tomáš Krajčovič, STU in Bratislava - Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Architecture, Slovakia, with his project: https://www.inspireli.com/en/awards/detail/5677

The winners of Zone Commercial Center are Adissa Hajdari, Alma Sylejmani and Besjana Ramadani from the University of Prishtina in Kosovo, and their project can be found here: https://www.inspireli.com/en/awards/detail/5700

The winners of the Zone Hotel are Elton Bajramaj, Era Pelaj and Ermonda Gashaj, the University of Prishtina in Kosovo, and their project can be found here: https://www.inspireli.com/en/awards/detail/5616

And the winners of the Zone Apartment Buildings are Lendrit Krasniqi, Albion Hetemi, Lirigzon Olluri from the University of Prishtina in Kosovo, and their project can be found here: https://www.inspireli.com/en/awards/detail/5621

Croatia Competition was part of the 8th edition of the INSPIRELI AWARDS which will know its winners on Sept 23, 2023, but the theme of the new Inspireli Competition has already been revealed. The Inspireli Awards Competition for the 2024 will bet he Schindler’s Ark Muzeum of holocaust Survivorsreconstruction and the Sustainble living area design in the former Nazi factory where the Oscar Schindler saved 1200 people of Jewish nationality from death in concentration camp during the 2nd world war (events known in the Spielberg’s movie Schindler’s list). The new competition starts in September 2023 and ends with Inspireli Awards on July 14, 2024 – read more at www.inspireli.com/ark.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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