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Leejam Sports Inaugurates Two New Fitness Clubs at the Headquarters of Saudi Awwal Bank

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Sash & Company
Leejam Sports Company

Leejam Sports Company, the proud owner of the "Fitness Time" brand, has officially opened two fitness clubs at the new headquarters of Saudi Awwal Bank (SAB) in Alyasmin neighborhood of Riyadh. According to a five-year agreement with SAB, Leejam manages and operates two distinct fitness clubs under the name "SAB Gym," one for women and one for men, each tailored to meet the specific needs of its clientele.

Leejam Sports achieved exceptional success in the past year, ranking fifth globally in terms of market capitalization for fitness companies. Breaking records in the third quarter of 2023, with over 448,000 memberships, the company witnessed increased profits, continued expansion, and development. By the beginning of 2024, Leejam boasted 188 sports clubs and studios.

Commenting on the opening, Adnan Al-Khalf, CEO of Leejam Sports Company, stated, "We are delighted with this groundbreaking collaboration with SAB and the launch of the two new clubs. We have adhered to the latest global standards in setting up these fitness clubs, ensuring the provision of high-quality sports services. Leveraging Leejam's operational expertise guarantees the highest standards in fitness services, promoting health and well-being for citizens across the Kingdom."

Ghada Al Jarbou, COO at Saudi Awwal Bank, remarked, "This collaboration with Leejam Sports demonstrates SAB's commitment to employee well-being and fostering a work environment aligned with their lifestyles. This fitness club is not just a workout space but a symbol of our dedication to the physical and mental health of our employees, achieving an ideal work-life balance and promoting a healthy lifestyle."

This joint venture between Leejam Sports Company and SAB reflects both parties' commitment to promoting sports culture and emphasizing the importance of sports and fitness for employees and the general public in the Kingdom. Leejam advocates the practice of sports for health and well-being, dedicating efforts to building a healthy lifestyle based on fitness and physical activity.

About Leejam Sports:

Leejam Sports is a publicly traded fitness company in the Middle East and North Africa, proudly owning the "Fitness Time" brand. It provides integrated health and fitness services, investing in all aspects of its sports centers to offer the highest standards in sports, entertainment, and fitness. With a constantly growing network of sports centers across the Middle East, "Fitness Time" strives to provide the best fitness and sports services, believing that everyone can achieve their health goals through exercise, enhancing both mental and physical fitness. Learn more about Leejam Sports (https://leejam.com.sa/).

About Saudi Awwal Bank

SAB is one of the largest banks in the Kingdom, with a history spanning over 90 years in Saudi Arabia. Actively contributing to economic growth and social development, SAB is a leading international bank for companies and institutions in the Kingdom. It offers a range of wealth management and personal banking services, excelling in commercial finance, foreign exchange, wholesale banking services, digital services innovation, and environmental and social governance. After a legal merger with Saudi British Bank (SABB) on March 14, 2021, SAB's paid-up capital is 20.5 billion Saudi Riyals, operating under the supervision of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority and as a partner in the HSBC Group.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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