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The Luxe Developers launch the most expensive residences in Ras Al Khaimah valued at over AED180 million

Written by:
James Lakie
The Luxe Developers

The two luxury properties, The Celeste and The Stellar, are both priced at over AED90 million and form an integral part of Oceano, a luxury development located on Al Marjan Island.

The multi-billion-dollar Wynn Al Marjan, situated just two minutes from Oceano, is attracting a raft of UHNWI and putting ultra-luxurious properties in high-demand.

The Luxe Developers, a UAE-based real estate development firm, has officially launched The Celeste and The Stellar, two ultra-luxury residences that form an integral part of the company’s Oceano development, located on Al Marjan Island. The properties, valued at over AED 90 million each, address the demand for ultra-luxurious properties in line with the increase in ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWI) relocating to the emirate.

The Celeste and The Stellar, currently the most expensive residences in Ras Al Khaimah, offer a unique living experience, which is epitomised by the available space, eclipsing anything currently available on the real estate market in the emirate.

The Celeste, spanning over 22,000 square feet across the top two floors of the development, features seven bedrooms, multiple living areas with sunken seating for hosting, and an extensive kitchen.

The six-bedroom Stellar, split across two levels, spans more than 21,000 square feet, and features similar living arrangements. Both properties offer a serene and luxurious living experience, uninterrupted beach and sea views across Al Marjan Island, and are conveniently located just two minutes from the multi-billion-dollar Wynn integrated resort, further enhancing the development’s attractiveness for investors.

The uniquely designed properties, featuring interior design by world-renowned Hirsch Bedner Associates, are equipped with an array of world-class finishes and amenities designed to cater to the most discerning tastes. Owners of the properties will be able to enjoy the luxury associated with five-star hotels, including a spa, sauna, hammam, private pool, snow room, state-of-the-art gym, home theatre, and dedicated office space. The residences also feature a sprawling 4504-square-foot terrace with a uniquely designed infinity pool incorporating breathtaking vistas and unrivalled tranquillity, perfect for outdoor living.

Catering to the privacy demanded by UHNWI, a private elevator and exclusive access are provided to owners of The Celeste and The Stellar. Furthermore, Oceano’s design aesthetic and unique location ensures the property has complete privacy, even on the private terrace. Residents also enjoy a secluded shoreline and private beach, providing relaxation in a safe and secure environment.

Embracing the future of residential living, both properties are fitted with cutting-edge smart technology, allowing residents to effortlessly control lighting, curtains, and air conditioning, ensuring optimal comfort with the touch of a button.

Shubam Aggarwal, Chairman and Co-owner of The Luxe Developers, said: “Our decision to launch these properties at this juncture is a strategic response to the escalating demand for ultra-luxury properties in Ras Al Khaimah. The region has become a coveted destination for affluent buyers seeking exclusivity, privacy, and unparalleled luxury. This move demonstrates our market awareness and commitment to meeting the needs of discerning buyers.

“The launch of these properties marks a significant milestone for The Luxe Developers and Ras Al Khaimah. It signifies a bold step forward in the region's evolution of real estate, offering an exclusive opportunity for those who seek to experience what it would be like living in luxury in the sky, where the seascape becomes the skyscape.”

The finest materials have been sourced from around the world to ensure premium quality within both homes. The designer properties include copper finishes on all skirting boards, marble throughout, and the walls have smooth, built-in alcoves, all contributing to each apartment's unique and exclusive feel.

Oceano is due for completion in Q3 2026 and will feature a resort-style infinity pool connecting the twin tower development, cutting-edge fitness facilities featuring gyms and yoga studios, and rejuvenating spa services. Residents will also have access to a cigar lounge, a library, and a private beach. A chauffeur’s lounge will be available, as will a dedicated retail level featuring the best in hospitality, F&B and leisure. 

The development features a range of design attributes, such as free-flowing glass facades and minimalist frames. Each floor rotates on different planes, ensuring every resident enjoys a distinctive and uninterrupted panoramic view of the Arabian Gulf.

Another essential feature of the development is the emphasis on privacy, with the design aesthetic and unique location ensuring the property has complete privacy, with every unit specially designed to adhere to this requirement, including all terraces and balconies. This also extends to the secluded shoreline and private beach, providing relaxation in a safe and secure environment.

Siddharta Banerji, Managing Director and Co-owner of The Luxe Developers, commented: "Our goal went beyond creating luxury homes; we aimed to offer an unmatched living experience. These properties demonstrate our commitment to excellence and deep understanding of the ultra-luxury market's needs. We're not just setting new standards for luxury living in Ras Al Khaimah; we're redefining them."

For more information, please visit www.theluxedevelopers.ae.

About The Luxe Developers

The Luxe Developers is a leading real estate development firm specialising in crafting extraordinary spaces with opulent interiors.

At The Luxe Developers, the company believes that exceptional living spaces can inspire and transform lives and are passionate about creating architectural marvels that redefine the concept of luxury and provide an unmatched living experience with a commitment to excellence and attention to detail that ensures every project the company undertakes sets a new standard in urban living.

From incredible attention to detail and sourcing the finest materials to seeking out the world's most skilled artisans and handpicking the best-in-class architects and designers, the company’s vision is to deliver spaces that elevate the human experience with the belief that extraordinary quality and luxury craftsmanship elevates every living moment.

The Luxe Developers aims to bring a sense of individualism to every project and build structures that turn into the landmarks of tomorrow.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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