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The London & Hamburg based architectural firm Finkernagel Ross has designed Boscastle Road a semi-detached house that located in London, United Kingdom.  Project description by the architect: Behind the traditional façade of this semi-detached Victorian home in the Dartmouth Park conservation...
The Kansas city-based architecture and design firm KEM STUDIO has designed "Modern Lodge" a unique lakeside home that located in Weatherby Lake, North Kansas City, Missouri, United States. Project description by the architect: The Walsh’s work in the urban core but want to truly wind down when...
The Iran-based architectural studio Special Space Studio has completed Mosha Twin Villa in 2017, that situated in Mosha a village in Tarrud Rural District, in the Central District of Damavand County, Tehran Province, Iran. Project description by the architects: Inspiration from vernacular arch...
The Aveiro-based architecture practice Frari – architecture network has recently completed reonavation of a single-family house "J house" that located in Albergaria-a-Velha, Portugal. Project description by the architects: This project intends to refurbish a single-family house, severely affec...
Project name
J House
Architecture firm
Frari - architecture network
lbergaria-a-Velha, Portugal
Ivo Tavares studio