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a harmonious blend of practical usability, captivating aesthetics, and strategic circulation. It evokes a sense of seamless movement throughout the store, where storage zones are cleverly integrated and display areas become captivating destinations.
Project name
Jamila Clothing Store
Architecture firm
Fish I Visuals
Alexandria, Egypt
Tools used
Autodesk 3ds Max, V-ray, Revit, Adobe Photoshop
The project idea was inspired by performance art, specically the study of ballet dancers' movements and stripping them down into lines and shapes to create the internal space, elements, and basic forms of theaters, using them as a general guideline for design, with the aim of generating a design that is characterized by dynamism.
Khaled Ibrahem Mohamed
Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University, Department of, Interior Architecture
Heba Mansour
Tools used
AutoCAD, Autodesk 3ds Max, V-ray, Adobe Photoshop
The Egyptian multi-disciplinary studio Reha, LLC. led by Reha Habib completed a unique Mediterranean boutique hotel in North Coast, Egypt. Set on an authentic slice of the Mediterranean Sea in Egypt, the project began with an existing one-story U-shaped building split into four quadrants, surrounding a central lagoon with adjacent stunning views of...
Project name
Mazeej White Hotel
Architecture firm
Reha, LLC.
North Coast, Egypt
Nour El Refai