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Leading UAE-based smart FM solutions company HITEK Services, which is part of the Farnek group of companies, has initiated an agreement to supply more than 40 licences for its CAFMTEK solution, for Abu Dhabi Motor Sports Management (ADMM), which manages the Yas Marina Circuit, the home of the Formula 1® Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.
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Steven Jones
Yas Marina Circuit
Participants are to design a Tiny Library optimized for 75 users with engaging multifunctional spaces for all ages and spatial experience. The Tiny Library would be equipped with traditional reading material along with modern formats like ebooks, audiobooks, audio-visual books etc.
Volume Zero Competitions
Architecture, Interior Design
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Including over 18,000 projects directly from exclusive journal contents. In January 2023, Tokyo-based architecture publisher A+U Publishing Co., Ltd. (“Shinkenchiku-sha Co., Ltd. ” as its parent company) launched "SHINKENCHIKU DATA", a digital archive system enabling access and exploration of extensive architecture projects curated in past periodic...
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a+u / Shinkenchiku
Shinkenchiku Data Co., Ltd.