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G-Star RAW and artist Maarten Baas refashion denim waste into design and art pieces at Milan Design Week. ‘More or Less’ exhibition spotlights the endless possibilities of denim and the tension between the desire for more but the need for less.
“More or Less”
Art and Design
Open to the public
None. Entrance is free
Kritika Juneja, an abstract artist, architect, and writer unveils a piece from Hidden Faces(Volti nascosti), her latest collection. Her works are centered around naturalism, complexity, fear, spiritualism and emotions. From being an architect to an award winning writer to an artist, she has always been evolving.
Written by
Kritika Juneja
When it comes to stained glass art, there’s one name in the industry that is synonymous with quality, and that’s Csilla Soós. A renowned stained glass making artist with a well-established career spanning more than 25 years, Csilla Soós has an outstanding reputation that exceeds her Central European hometown into many wider European countries – and...
Written by
Gabor-Kis Andrea
Russian artist Gregory Orekhov reinterprets the “Black Square” in a site-specific sculpture for Malevich Park. Gregory Orekhov is a Russian artist, currently immersed in the process of creating contemporary sculpture made with stainless steel. Throughout the past decade, Orekhov has successfully completed multiple projects in Russia and abroad, usi...
Project name
Architecture firm
Gregory Orekhov
Moscow Region, Russia
Ivan Muraenko