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Installing a prefab shed in your backyard is one of the best ideas to make your outdoor space efficient and attractive. The best thing about prefab sheds is their durability — they’re made from materials that are meant to last. This means that if you invest in one today, it could be around for decades without needing any repairs! We hope that the i...
Written by
Karen Salem
With the right setup, the less pleasant days can be made agreeable. The shade and ceiling fans are provided for the summer, and two heat lamps are provided in the lounge space to make the mild winter days more bearable.
Project name
Saturated Backyard Renovation
Architecture firm
Nathan Fell Architecture
Metairie, Louisiana, United States
Sara Essex Bradley
Do you love spending time outside? If so, then your yard is the perfect place to make that happen. You can spruce up any outdoor space with a little hard work and creativity, and enjoy it for years to come. Your outdoor space is one of the few places where you can be creative without worrying about major consequences, so take advantage of that. Her...
Written by
Allen Brown
Manolo Solis (cover image), Engin Akyurt