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Home design and decor is one of the ways to achieve feeling great in your own home, making it a place where you can find peace and comfort. The way you decorate your house can completely change the way you feel inside it, and it's a great way to experiment with your style and reaffirm your personal tastes.
Written by
Allen Brown
Jcomp (cover image), Ferenc Keresi
As its name so subtly suggests, the Japandi interior design style is a simple combination of Japanese and Scandinavian elements. While these two styles might not seem to be so similar at first, they both incorporate plenty of clean, simple, and natural aspects, while putting an emphasis on functionality, minimalism, and the aesthetic value of modes...
Written by
Lilly Miller
Daniel Chen (cover image), Davide Cantelli, Paul Hanaoka, 五玄土 ORIENTO
Adam Court, sole designer for luxury artisanal brand OKHA immediately fell in love with the “Verde Magnifico” marble when he saw it. The stone’s visible layers of history speak to OKHA’s South African locality of cosmopolitan, polyglot and multi- cultural charm. Court conceived of Magnifico side and Magnifico coffee table together.
Product name
Magnifico Coffee Table and Magnifico Side Table
Product type
Coffee table and side table collection