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The 'Kaira Looro' international architecture competition, held by humanitarian organisation Balouo Salo, has this year also, established itself as one of the most important in the field of humanitarian and development design, attracting students and young architects from all over the world.
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Kaira Looro Competition
Winning project of Kaira Looro Competition– 2022’s Edition. Project by Ziyu Guo from China
An architecture competition that protects health and prevent malnutrition. The winning project will be built in southern Senegal. The ‘Children’s House’ should be a welcoming place where activities aimed at preventing child malnutrition can be carried out in a rural environment of Sub-Saharan Africa.
Kaira Looro Competition, Balouo Salo Humanitarian Organization
Architects, students, designers and engineers from anywhere in the world in individual participation or with a team with at least 1 member under 35