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The Hedron Pendant is a 3d-printed chandelier drawing inspiration from nature, with hexagonal geometry and renewable bioplastic material.
Product name
Hedron Pendant
Mickus Projects
Product type
Lighting / Chandelier
Ben Mickus – ben@mprojects.com – 917-843-2285
In the debate between LED mirrors and vanity lights, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. It largely depends on personal needs, style preferences, and bathroom layout. LED mirrors, especially from brands like Wellfor, provide a modern, energy-efficient solution that could be sufficient on their own for many bathrooms.
Written by
Danielle Work
Buying the right high bay Led lights can mean the difference between saving or wasting billions of dollars a year. In commercial settings, especially, any time spent replacing faulty high bay lights means time and productivity lost.
Written by
Malik Shahzad
The field of hospitality (HoReCa) is transforming, trying to meet modern human needs and even exceed their expectations. Changes concern both the organization of space, the search for new forms, images, materials in design and architecture, as well as the use of technology and innovation. Also, much attention is paid to the formation of the atmosph...
Written by
Lighting designer Julia Lyubakova (QPRO)
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