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The luxury houses designed by ZONETION DESIGN exactly spread a picture scroll of leisurely and comfortable holiday life by the river for their owners. Although there are many riverside luxury houses in Wuhan, Waitan Mansion, developed by Wuhan Huafa, completely faces the Fifth Bridge over the Yangtze River, and its owners can see both urban prosper...
Project name
Wuhan Huafa: Waitan Mansion
Interior design
Waitan Mansion in Jiang’an District, Wuhan, Hubei, China
Qiu Xin
Architect Fernando Cibrian ́s recently finished home is a project centered on the expressiveness of form and design. His work incorporates innovative and creative details, that create harmony between structure and nature, which are meant to be noticed and appreciated.
Project name
Casa Vista Clara
Architecture firm
Cibrian Arquitectos
Puebla, Mexico
Francisco Varela, Héctor Velasco