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Backdrop, designed by Landscape Forms in collaboration with KEM STUDIO, is a system of modular panels and accessories with a simple yet important purpose, to define the outdoor spaces where people want to be
Project name
Landscape Architecture
Modular panels, can be used anywhere
Landscape Forms
Private outdoor spaces are an essential means to escape the tumult of everyday life. However, particularly in urban contexts, many homeowners lack an expansive backyard or garden. Ergo, maximizing limited space can be an effective approach to creating a harmonious outdoor sanctuary at home.
Written by
Bazoom Publications
Marzenna Gaines
Is the grass always greener on the other side of the fence? Maybe you just need a few tips to help you step up your lawn-care game! On the surface, keeping the grass in your yard alive isn’t all that complicated. You give it water, it gets sun and oxygen all on its own, and voila – it stays alive year after year. However, it may not be living up to...
Written by
James Murphy
Petar Tonchev