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TIGO HQ is the corporate headquarters for the telecommunication company of Millicom, in Managua, Nicaragua, and being a telecommunication and technology project, these features marked the drivers of design in the conceptual phase along with the purpose of bringing into the design itself, the corporate’s branding colors and transforming them into te...
Project name
Tigo HQ
Architecture firm
HRTD Hurtado Arquitectos
Managua, Nicaragua
Carlos Berrios Photography
The landmark EXO building by Shay Cleary Architects is the tallest commercial office building in Ireland. A unique engineering challenge, the building features a distinctive and highly innovative external exo-skeleton which forms the main structure, leaving a predominantly column free floor plate and referencing the iconic blue gantries of the Dubl...
Project name
The EXO, Dublin 1
Architecture firm
Shay Cleary Architects
Dublin 1, Ireland
Jamie Hackett Photography
We wanted a balance between the craftsmanship of the stone façade and the modernity of its interior. A massive and heavy exterior, sculpted in stone, as opposed to a bright and voluminous interior that would also frame the landscape thanks to its almost museum-like openings.
Project name
Architecture firm
Atelier de Artekitektura
La Cuesta, Segovia, Spain
Ignacio Barrios Martínez
Ahmed Samy: Port Fouad was planned at a later date on the eastern side of the canal, it was needed to plan workshops and housing for the SCC employees. There were two kinds of houses with different morphologies planned: the engineers or high rank employees, and the workers quarter.
Ahmed Samy
Cairo University
Prof. Ali Gabr
Tools used
Revit Architecture, Rhinoceros 3D, Lumion, Adobe Photoshop
Designed by Shohreh Rafatpanah, this amazing villa is inspired by the Vanna Venturi House, one of the first prominent works of the postmodern architecture movement that was designed by architect Robert Venturi. Project description by student: As we`ve seen in Venturi`s house there are some roo...