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Repose, a chaise sofa first uniquely created for a private client’s coastal Villa and is now available world-wide in size variations. STUDIOTWENTYSEVEN, who exclusivity represents the sofa in the USA say “Repose is a truly unique and beautiful sofa. OKHA has designed it to be viewed from every el...
Despite the global pandemic SAOTA, leading architecture firm, has implemented a fully operational working from home (“WFH”) model. Already working in 86 countries around the world, working remotely isn’t a completely new concept, which ensures a high level of business continuity during this time....
In their design for the new head office and production site for Kirsch Pharma HealthCare GmbH in Wedemark, Germany, SAOTA rethinks the often underwhelming and generic industrial prototype.
Project name
Kirsch Pharma HealthCare
Architecture firm
Wedemark, Germany
Adam Letch