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The apartment complex in our plans will be located in coastal waters right on Koh Som Island,  or on the similar little island in the gulf of Samui Island. The project as a whole is founded on the principles of green architecture, with extensive use of environmentally friendly materials and technologies, including autonomous sources of electric pow...
Project name
The United Islands Project
Architecture firm
The Svetozar Andreev Studio
Koh Som Island, Thailand
Tools used
Autodesk 3ds Max
Saari Mois (the Sarskaya Grange) is the name of an ancient estate, gifted by Peter the Great to the future empress Catherine I in 1710, on which by the time of Catherine II had been built one of Europe’s most beautiful park residences of the Baroque period - Tsarskoe Selo.
Project name
Rooftop Villa Saari Mois
Architecture firm
The Svetozar Andreev Architecture Studio «Hotei-Russia»
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Svetozar Andreev 2021
The Saint Petersburg based architectural studio Svetozar Andreev in collaboration with Elena Britanishskaya has designed "The heart of Malta" proposal in replacement of collapsed Azure Window, that located in San Lawrenz, Malta.   Project description by the architects: It-Tieqa Zerqa, more pop...