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A series of futuristic concepts surrounding facade, form, scale, material and light by Umesh Bhosale.The everyday project started in 2019 with the initial thought of exploring design ideas using basic 3 dimensional shapes which later evolved into architectural spaces involving nature, landscape, themes and parametrics.
Project name
Statheros, Boolean Glitch, Foxtrot, Avava
Architecture firm
Umesh Bhosale
Tools used
Rhinoceros 3D, Lumion, Adobe Photoshop
Hierarchy Towers concept in Singapore designed by Gennadiy Kraev
Project name
Hierarchy Towers
Architecture firm
Gennadiy Kraev
Downtown Core, Singapore
195,400 m
Parsi-based archibiotect Vincent Callebaut Architectures has designed Paris Smart City 2050 that is including 8 prototypes of energy-plus towers eco-conceived to fight against climate change. Following the Climate Energy Plan of Paris aimed at reducing 75% of the greenhouse gas emissions within 2050, the « 2050 PARIS SMART CITY » project is a resea...
Project name
Paris Smart City 2050 - For a sustainable, dense and connected city
Architecture firm
Vincent Callebaut Architectures
Paris, France