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"Cozana Prime" stands as a monument to sophistication and innovation in the heart of the historic center of Oaxaca, Mexico. This avant-garde nightclub not only respects the classic architecture of its location, with columns, courtyards, and moldings, but also incorporates an innovative architectural design that merges authenticity and avant-garde,...
Project name
Cozana Prime
Architecture firm
t804 taller de arquitectura
Oaxaca, Mexico
Omar López Bautista, Laura Garcia
The idea for interior design of the Bafter, a dermatology Clinic, was formed by an effort to embody the concepts related to the treatment process and the oblique reference to the mastery of the doctor. Contemplating the Vocabulary related to this field brings to mind features such as texture, layers, purification, elegance, sensitivity and flexibil...
Project name
Baftar Dermatology Clinic
Architecture firm
AsNow Design & Construct
No.33, Mohri St, Vali-e-asr Ave, Tehran, Iran
Nimkat Studio
The main idea behind the resort project in Al-Galala city is to integrate the natural beauty of the plateau with the interior design. Aiming to create a luxurious getaway that makes guests feel at one with the stunning surroundings. Also opening the architecture form into the landscape, with organic shapes and natural materials such as stone and wo...
Mazen El-Raggal
Alexandria University, Egypt
Heba Mansour
Tools used
Autodesk AutoCAD, Autodesk 3ds Max, V-ray 5, Adobe Photoshop