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Kelar Abad Villa designed by BeraNia Office

The Tehran based architecture design and construction office BeraNia Office has designed "Kelar Abad Villa" that located in Kelar Abad, Mazandaran, Iran.

Project description by the architects:

In the past in moderate and humid climate one of the most important strategies to design the buildings was extravagant organizing and wide opening around to maximum use of air ventilation.

Kelar Abad Villa designed by BeraNia Office in Iranimage © BeraNia Office

According to location of the building between the forest view and the sea view, the project organizing along the north-south axes to provide maximum ventilation through the wind direction.

a woman walking on a stair of villa image © BeraNia Office

inclined roof of the house with steps to sitting on image © BeraNia Office

Also in traditional architecture of Iran there was an exterior circulation from land to roof called “Qolamgard”.

the facade of building image © BeraNia Office

This project concept is about continuity of circulation from landscape to roof garden connected all of the exterior terraces. We tried to redefining the issue in contemporary solution that lacating the project in global scope while it is searching for connection with Iranian geography and history.

a bench near the tree at yard image © BeraNia Office

living area near the poolimage © BeraNia Office

The slope of the roof is not just a solution for adapting to climate. It’s a part of the project's program that offers a new experience to the user to enjoy from watching the beautiful view of sea and forest.

bedroom with large windows image © BeraNia Office

modern kitchen in a loft area with big pendant lamps image © BeraNia Office

a girl walking near the staircase image © BeraNia Office

a boy sitting on sofa looking at his phone image © BeraNia Office

boy in living room drinking coffee image © BeraNia Office

a billiard table inside the room image © BeraNia Office

a black metal fireplace in the middle of the room image © BeraNia Office

architectural diagram Diagram

basement floor plan Basement Floor Plan

Ground Floor PlanGround Floor Plan

First Floor Plan of villa First Floor Plan

Second Floor Villa Plan SecondFloor Plan

architectural section detail of the villa section of the house longitude section of a villa Sections

elevation detail of the home elevation drawing made with AutoCAD Elevations

Project Name: Kelar Abad Villa

Architecture Firm: BeraNia Office

Architect in charge: Mohammad Reza Niazy, Mohammad Javad Niazy

Design Team: Shaghayegh Namazkar, Amin Samani, Farnoosh Shojaei, Nariman Raf’ati

Completion Year: 2020

Built Area: 1500 m²

Location: Kelar Abad, Mazandaran, Iran

Client: Mehrdad Keshmirpour

Construction: BeraNia Builds

Structure: Dr.Davoud Zare’ei

MEP : Future, Energy, Architecture CO

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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