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Cubes Warehouse in Tehran, Iran by Nazar Idea Paidar Company

Project name:
Cubes Warehouse
Architecture firm:
Nazar Idea Paidar Company
Tehran, Iran
Deed Studio
Principal architect:
Nushin Samavaki
Design team:
Nazar Idea Paidar Company
Mohammad Nazarnia (Project Manager)
Interior design:
Nazar Idea Paidar Company
Built area:
3787 m². Area Office Building: 1023 m². Area 2 Warehouses: 2764 m²
Site area:
5100 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Mohammad Nazarnia
Structural engineer:
Ramin Haji Mohammadrezaei
Environmental & MEP:
Tools used:
Autocad, Revit, SketchUp, Autosedk 3D Studio Max, Etabs, Sap, Safe, MS Project
Mohammad Nazarnia
Concrete, Steel, Glass
Industrial › Warehouse

The Iranian architecture firm Nazar Idea Paidar Company has recently completed Cubes Warehouse located in Tehran, Iran.

Cubes is located on a plot of land with an area of 5015 square meters in Shamsabad Industrial Park, 5 km away from Imam Khomeini International Airport in the south of Tehran. Most of the buildings in the park are aesthetically lacking metal structures. Therefore, designing a concrete building with broken surfaces emerged as a bold way of breaking up this visual uniformity.

Since the function of this complex was to be the production and maintenance of abrasive stone, from the outset the client insisted on a building design that visually conveyed emotion to the viewer in accordance with the use of the building. Due to the similarity of the surface of abrasive stone and concrete in terms of color and texture, concrete naturally arose as the main material of the project. The client requested two large warehouses, of the same width but different lengths, that could be accessed from outside, as well as a separate office building with easy access to them. Consequently, the warehouses were situated along the length of the plot and the office building near the entrance in an L-shaped form to accommodate the different lengths of the warehouses.

Cubes Warehouse in Tehran, Iran by Nazar Idea Paidar Company

image © Deed Studio

Optimal natural light is the main source of light in the design of the warehouses. Since in Iran eastern and southern light is preferable, a height difference between the two warehouses allows eastern light into the western warehouse, while an eastern facade and roof provide a light entrance for the eastern warehouse. The office building has five floors. The basement, ground, and second floors include office spaces, while the first and third floors are dedicated to rest and recreation. In addition to the main building entrance on the south, there is a second entrance leading to the basement where staff can eat and rest.

To create a visual connection between the ground floor and basement, a void was designed through which a metal bridge provides physical access from the lobby to the warehouse, while a glass window at the end of the bridge provides a glimpse into the eastern warehouse. Access to the western warehouse is possible via stairs. The client wanted a three-sided view of the grounds from the management office. For this purpose, the manager room was designed with large windows on three sides. Therefore, to reduce the intensity of direct light and create shadows, the windows were deeply angled into the facade.

One of the main design challenges was protecting the privacy of rest spaces on the first and third floors by ensuring no direct view into them from the main entrance. Consequently, protruding cubes were designed to house windows perpendicular to the facade as opposed to parallel. These and other cubes along the facade not only provide relief from the intense sunlight but also their shifting shadows splash fresh designs onto the facade all day long.

warehouse with concrete facade

image © Deed Studio

small garden with small green pines in front of the concrete building image © Deed Studio

metal bridges connects the upper floors

image © Deed Studio

warehouse building facade made with concrete and glass

image © Deed Studio

concrete walls and glass windows

image © Deed Studio

industrial building in Iran made wire reinforced concrete image © Deed Studio

shade and shadow on the concrete wall

image © Deed Studio

cantilevered terrace image © Deed Studio

concrete facade image © Deed Studio

concrete facade at sunny day image © Deed Studio

inclined windows image © Deed Studio

vertical and horizontal window image © Deed Studio

a warehouse in Iran with concrete facade image © Deed Studio

rooftop of the building

image © Deed Studio

metallic bridge connects the upper floors spaces

image © Deed Studio

a man walking under the sun lights that enters the room though window

image © Deed Studio

roof with metal pipes

image © Deed Studio

sunlight enters the building through large windows

image © Deed Studio

warehouse made with steel structure image © Deed Studio

steel structure ceiling

image © Deed Studio

staircase with lighting and white brick walls

image © Deed Studio

Basement Floor PlanBasement Floor Plan

Ground Floor PlanGround Floor Plan

First Floor PlanFirst Floor Plan

Second Floor PlanSecond Floor Plan

Third Floor PlanThird Floor Plan

Site Plan Site Plan 

Section drawing plan Section 1

Section drawing plan Section 2

Elevations drawing Elevations

Design Idea drawing Design Idea 

Design Idea drawing Design Idea 

Design Idea drawing Design Idea 

Diagram Diagram 

architectural Diagram drawing Diagram 

By Liliana Alvarez

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