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Aqua Land designed by Mohammad Reza Kohzadi

The Iranian Architect Mohammad Reza Kohzadi from mrk office has recenty designed "Aqua Land'' that located in Vanoosh, Mazandaran province, Iran

Architect's statement: The project site's elongation and the need for a connection between the main street and the sea made it necessary to instead of putting a concentrated volume at the beginning of the site, using a folded surface along its axis. A surface that connects volumes with different uses and not only creates path for the audience to move around the site, also spaces for different functions. In this way, the project is distributed throughout the site and is used to its fullest potential.

an aqua land with beautiful illumination

night view of a modern seaside aqua land in Iran

the main facade

the illumination reflection in water


architectural 3d model

architectural diagram

details shown in 3d rendering image

Architect: mrkohzadi - Mohammad Reza Kohzadi 
Assistant: Neda Mirani
Presentation: Hosein Aghayi, Mehrdad Bagheri
Location: Vanoosh, Mazandaran province, Iran
Area: 5000 m²

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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